An American Tristan, an English Isolde: Bayreuth is back

An American Tristan, an English Isolde: Bayreuth is back


norman lebrecht

July 25, 2022

Stephen Gould, Catherine Foster, star in tonight’s opening.

Stephen is seldom heard at the Met. Catherine has never been engaged at Covent Garden.

Prophets without honour in their own country.


  • Peter Osborne says:

    Many British musicians are lauded outside their own country. The UK requires a foreign name to make it big here. Shame on our country. About time we looked after “our own”.

  • TITUREL says:

    Stephen Gould is a fine tenor, but having heard Andreas Schager as Tristan in Bayreuth- his is a voice for the ages.

  • Gustavo says:

    Of what I have heard so far that American Tristan is quite good.

    Maybe a little Kolloesque.

  • Gustavo says:

    It’s getting more and more like an Andrew Lloyd Webber show.

  • So what? says:

    Stephen Gould, Catherine Foster, star …….(?)

    Listened to it live on France musique.
    The orchestra was simply magnificent, – gorgeous playing from Viola section and that stunning harpist they have, to name but 2.

    The 2 soloists, hmm not a patch on eg. CG 1980s Vickers and Dernesch, never mind Minton and others like our very much missed Christa Ludwig.

    Gould was noticeably weak in the 2nd act, (but hey he’s 60 now, so it’s the end n’est pas!).
    Foster very far from ideal – often wobbly vibrato and a tendency to sing sharp.
    A liebestod ending very late evening, with fantastic orchestra and a largely forgettable Foster.

    Bring on the Bayreuth ring LIVE pls!

  • IP says:

    Molestation round the clock.

  • JB says:

    Bayreuth quite often doesn’t have the best singers around. They don’t need star singers to sell their tickets. I heard both Foster and Gould in Bayreuth. They are very good but not exceptional or world class.