Vienna rebooks Anna Netrebko

Vienna rebooks Anna Netrebko


norman lebrecht

June 14, 2022

The Russian soprano is down to sing Aida in January, in a cast that includes Jonas Kaufmann, Elina Garanca and Luca Salsi.

Netrebko is an Austrian citizen. It appears that she has almost cleared herself of sanctions connected to her former support for Putin and his puppet regime in occupied parts of Ukraine.

Up to 2018, she was prone to sing Aida in heavy dark makeup.


  • tet says:

    The darker the makeup to hide her shame.

    In which case, Kaufmann, Garanca and Salsi should apply the same makeup for singing with Netrebko.

    • Perspective says:

      if they gave me a penny for all the sanctimonious hypocrites who post in here….

      • guest says:

        I’m afraid you must contend yourself with the thumbs up yourself and your ‘friends’ (read trolls) bestowed on your own comments so generously, and the downs bestowed equally generously on the others 😉 Assuming of course you are different individuals, the three ‘P’s (non-Pianist, Perspective, Petunia? no that’s wrong but it’s related to flowers), Santa Lucia, the Fan with capital F, and who else. The only one who is allowed to make money off this thumbing business is Norman, and I hope he makes more than a penny a thumb. If you think you are entitled to trouser a cut of the proceedings you’ll have to sort it out with Norman directly, hinting at it in comments isn’t going to bring you anything. Meanwhile we, the others, derive a mild merriment out of this inanity. So I’m afraid this is the division on labor on this site: The trolls are providing the inane behavior, Norman cashes off, and we, the others, get a mild laugh out of this every time we care to visit, which isn’t very often – if we’d visit very often the merriment would turn into boredom. But merriment or boredom, there is one thing that never changes – every time I see this type of inanity in action, I think ‘like singer like fan’. Good bye dear P, and please keep it coming for Norman’s sake.

  • JS says:

    Yeah. Sanctions. Haha. Arts agencies have been pumped an endless stream of Russian singers onto world stages for decades, making opera houses dependent on this supply in exactly the same way that Europe has become dependent on Russian fuel supplies. Austria showed – and still shows – particular zeal in this practice (the interesting case of the Irina Gulyaeva agency, Hollaenders etc.) It’s all very interesting, really. Education in Russia – including higher education – is funded by the state, meaning Russia invests in its musicians – and then what they earn money in the West. They are happy to sing there because the salaries are much higher than in Russia. But what does Russia get out of it?

  • AA says:

    Poor Jonas! russian mafia is back – and with vengeance. He will be replaced by Eyvazov – and Elina’s name will quietly disappear from the cast two weeks before the premiere (as usual). But russian mezzo-sopranos are plentiful, we have nothing to worry about!

  • IP says:

    Following critique, her Aida will no longer have a black face. Just a black heart.

  • Gustavo says:

    Keep her locked up in the vault of the temple of Ptah until she admits to having lied throughout.

  • Cynical Bystander says:

    This vendetta against Netrebko is infantile. Your comment about her being engaged in Vienna and elsewhere is, I suppose, justifiable in the current situation but your closing shot about her maquillage in Aida is far from being so. You demean your site by such juvenilia.

    • guest says:

      Speaking of juvenilia, I doubt that the ‘vendetta’ _against_ AN can beat the ring of _pro-AN_ trolls regularly visiting this site. How’s the following for juvenile behavior? On the previous AN post I’ve seen this phenomenon with my own eyes: The likes on comments ‘defending’ AN jumped up 50-74(!) in about 10-15 min, while the critical comments were thumbed down accordingly. I happened to be online at the time when it happened, which was last Friday around 4pm GMT. The ‘Lucia’ troll comment jumped up from 0 to 74 or 76, the ‘Maria’ troll comment jumped up some 50 likes, and I forgot how many likes the ‘Gustavo’ troll got on his. After that I looked again on Saturday around the same time but nothing happened. It happened again on Sunday, again around 4pm give or take, and this time they got about 100 likes each, while the others got about 100 dislikes. I doubt thumbing by the truckload can be surpassed if we are talking juvenile behavior; come to think of it, they _might_ be using software if they managed so many thumbs in such a short period of time. These are dear Anna’s defenders. Why am I not surprised?

      And now I’m expecting a deluge of dislikes on my comment, lol, accompanied or not by replies either protesting too much or piling ad hom on me to distract from the content of my comment.

      Norman, I congratulate you on the acquisition of a not-so-fine bunch of trolls 😉 I hope they bump up whatever it is you make revenue with, which may explain why you keep the AN posts coming, and why the site lacks protection against misuse of likes/dislikes, which is trolls’ most beloved game. How about doing away altogether with the thumbing feature? 😉 😉

      • Lucia says:

        And then you could shine, unscathed and unchallenged, in your prime and glory, feasting on your own vitriol. I wonder, if those likes were for you, would you suggest doing away with the feature? Oh well…
        Anyway, this is the only playbook that people like you know and endorse: cancel, cancel, cancel. Cancel Netrebko, cancel the thumbing feature… Do you know that Netrebko has been the hottest subject in this blog? Just look and how much Netrebko brouhaha has been published only in the last couple of months here:

        And I am sure the majority of your venom towards the great singer is injected into each post, anti-Netrebko troll under the guise of “guest”. 🙂

        • guest says:

          It seems I was slightly wrong, it’s both the lady (in a manner of speaking) protesting too much _and_ ad hominem. Rotfol. You surpassed yourself.

          When I wrote my comment I had the not unreasonable expectation that the ring leader would get an itch and reply – it’s always the same with them, always the same old itch, deny any personal responsibility and accuse others. Nice to make your acquaintance. How do you do, ring leader?

          Dearest Lucia, inane behavior remains inane behavior, no amount of shooting the messenger will change this simple truth. The only thing that can change inane behavior is stop doing it. It’s that simple. Your and your pals’ behavior (assuming you are actually distinct individuals) _was_ inane and _continues_ to be inane. You pass the inanity test with flying colors every single time. Meanwhile we, the others, derive a mild merriment out of this display of inanity. This is the division on labor on this site: You are providing the inane behavior, Norman cashes off, and we, the others, get a mild laugh out of this every time we care to visit, which isn’t very often – if we’d visit very often the merriment would turn into boredom. I think I’ve had had my fill for this week. I find it hilarious that you help Norman fill his bank account on the back of a singer he dislikes. Please carry on. By the way, I replied to ‘Perspective’ too, so sorry if you have to read part of this comment twice.

          ‘I wonder, if those likes were for you, would you suggest doing away with the feature?’

          See, dear Lucia, this is the problem with those who gaze too much at their own navel, they believe that everybody else does the same. I’d be overjoyed if Norman would do away with the feature, but this is something your brain refuses to accept because you feed on the feature. Your mental well being is dependent on believing thumbing is important. I’m being told that plenty of seven year olds believe the same. Thumbing isn’t important to normal adults, and my suggestion to Norman wasn’t out of concern for the well being of normal people who aren’t affected by thumbing, either way, it was done to get rid of you and your ilk. Without the thumbing feature you’d leave this site of your own volition, and without you and your ilk the site would be worth visiting more often by normal people. It’s that simple. Or do you believe people enjoy having to put up with boring trolls every time they go online?

          Should I bet you’ll get that itch again and come back as Lucia, or one of the others, or under a new identity? Ah, decisions, decisions. The life of a troll can be so hard sometimes. Better not, Santa Lucia. Stick to a troll’s knee jerk reaction, thumbing down my comment and up yours, it’s faster and practically a no-brainer. Normal people will know by counting them how pissed you were 😉 I hope your attention span didn’t quit on you midway this long reply, before you could read my useful advice 🙂

          • Lucia says:

            Oh no, my dear dear guest, I think you are offended 🙁 Calling everyone “trolls” and then getting called the same… Unthinkable, right? You keep repeating the same nonsense and arguing with you isn’t in my plans. Just know that I will not leave this site (much as you and your ilk would like to, as that would turn the site into your own unhinged stomping ground that preserves the ‘groupthink status quo’ ). You can be sure I will be coming back every now and then.

            P. S. Since you give Mr. Lebrecht suggestions, here is a useful advice for you. You count other people’s money all the time. If you are so uncomfortable with others’ financial success (Anna Netrebko, Mr. Lebrecht), you might consider getting a good job that keeps you busy and, as a boon for us all, prevents you from cluttering up this space with rambling and senseless rants.

        • guest says:

          P.S. Dearest Lucia, I went back to the AN Berlin post and surprise, there was ‘vitriol’ in the reply of ‘Potpourri’, who came there after I’ve left. I suppose this must be the user I encountered on another AN post and whom I erroneously called ‘Petunia’ in my reply to ‘Perspective.’ (By the way, do you have a ‘P’ fetish? There’s ‘Pianist’ too.)

          You slip, Lucia, you slip. You should be more careful when juggling your identities. You weren’t in that thread at all, Netrebko Fan was. And I see you had had you thumbing fun there too, differences of almost exactly 20 thumbs between likes and dislikes. Oh, Lucia, you are so predictable. Now I bet you’ll rush back there and mess with the likes and dislikes to come off the 20 difference. Remember you help Norman’s bank account by doing so. I seldom laughed so hard, Lucia. Maybe I’ll have another look next week to see the result of your frantic efforts there, just for the fun of the thing.

    • Perspective says:

      Totally agree. Some of these haters are just vile and insane, beyond childish and utterly hypocrite.

  • Gustavo says:

    She navigates the endless sea of shit storms on very thin ice.

  • Bloom says:

    And one is supposed to come to terms with Elina Garanca singing Amneris just because she is more virtuous than Frau Netrebko?

    • AA says:

      What about Garanca and Amneris? I don’t understand your comment.

      • Bloom says:

        She doesn’t have the proper instrument for the role. But she looks good, wears gorgeous clothes and says the right thing. A clever woman.

        • AA says:

          It will be her role debut. But you know she will fail, ok. By the way – what do you think she should say? (she never talked about human shits, must be such a hypocrite…)

  • Pianofortissimo says:

    Those who disapprove of Anna Netrebko can take comfort in the fact that she and her husband will be buried alive at the end of the opera. At least on stage.

  • innocent bystander says:

    Have we finally “jumped the shark” on these kinds of posts about Anna Netrebko? Can we please move on?

    • JS says:

      It won’t be over. NEVER. Because the war isn’t over – and won’t be over in the near future and, secondly, more interisting facts about Frau Netrebko are going to see the day. Just wait.

    • Diane Valerie says:

      I do hope so. The constant bickering of the Big-Endians and the Little-Endians is unedifying and a pain in the proverbial. Enough already!

  • Vladislav says:

    I bet Jonas, a German, has opinions about Netrebs about supporting a dictator.

  • Ron Ryan says:

    Her makeup was never in question (this is theatre, her role is an Etheopian slave/princess… even the stage is masquerading as Egypt!) – it is only her voice that is in question…even I do not fault her birthplace – SING it, or do not if you cannot. Don’t make this about anything else.