Why Valery Gergiev is not (yet) on EU sanctions list

Why Valery Gergiev is not (yet) on EU sanctions list


norman lebrecht

June 22, 2022

A written answer to the Dutch Parliament by Foreign Minister  Wopke Hoekstra has clarified the status of the Russian conductor, a close associate of Vladimir Putin’s and a supporter of his various wars.

Hoekstra said Gergiev ‘insufficiently’ meets the criteria and ‘the objective of the sanctions.’

The minister refused to confirm whether Gergiev, a former conductor of the Rotterdam Philharmonic, holds a Dutch passport, as has been widely reported.

We’ll take that non-denial as a yes.


  • JS says:

    Dutch passport? that’s interesting. And Netrebko was given Austrian citizenship – as a gift and allowed to keep her Russian citizenship, no one knows why, because it is against Austrian regulations on this matter. But, like everybody knows, putin uses mainly far right to build his network of influence. In Austria it doesn’t take long a search for the FPÖ to pop up but I have no idea about Dutch politics. Hm.

    • V.Lind says:

      They’ve had to fight pretty hard to keep the EXTREME right out in recent years. Remember Geert Wilders?

  • M2N2K says:

    According to the investigative documentary – mostly about Gergiev’s Italian riches – released by Navalny’s team last month (was available on YouTube and possibly still is), Gergiev definitely does have Dutch citizenship.

  • Peter Schünemann says:

    While Gergiev was chief conductor of Rotterdam Philharmonic, the orchestra “arranged” for him a Dutch passport to make traveling easier for him. Gergiev never made a secret out of it.

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    I thought the property in Italy was left to him by Yoko Ceshina. Interesting that the charitable organisation in London disappeared immediately. The staff had been there years.

  • Rafael F says:

    In order to get Dutch citizenship one must show proficiency speaking the language, among other requisites. I doubt very much Gergiev can even say ‘hello’ in Dutch. It’s quite an embarrassment for the government of that country if they just handed the document to him. Needless to say I know a person who moved to the Netherlands for family reasons and literally ‘sweat blood’ before he even passed the language portion of the naturalization process.

    • Peter Schünemann says:

      Rafael F, after having read the previous messages it should be clear, that Gergiev IS NOT citizen of the Netherlands. The Dutch passport, which was “arranged” for him by his former orchestra, the Rotterdam Philharmonic, is at the moment not of any use for him.

    • MG says:

      You mean figuratively sweat Blood, right?