Swiss maestro opens third account

Swiss maestro opens third account


norman lebrecht

June 20, 2022

The Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León in Spain is about to announce Thierry Fischer as its next music director, starting in September.

Fischer continues as music director of Sao Paulo Symphony in Brazil the Utah Symphony in the US.

If it’s Monday, this must be Spain.

To fill the gaps in his overstretched schedule, Castille has appointed two Conductors-in-Association: Vasily Petrenko (from 2022) and Elim Chan (from 2023).


  • Harry Mills says:

    As he will be leaving Utah at the end of the 22-23 season this should not be too onerous.

  • Hispa-vox says:

    Surprise, surprise: Spain, the land where Spaniards don’t conduct their orchestras.

    • words matter says:

      Look at the countries around you. Pasa hasta en las mejores familias…

    • Rodrigo says:


      And here’s a surprise for you! Nearly 1/2 of Spain’s full time professional orchestras have Spanish Music Directors. Here are a few:

      Pablo Gonzalez – Music Director, Orquesta RTVE, Madrid

      Ramon Tebar – Music Director, Orquesta de Valencia

      Jose Maria Moreno – Music Director, Orquesta Filarmonica de Malaga,

      Josep Pons – Music Director, Gran Teatro del Liceu

      Xavier Puig – MD, Orquesta Simfonica de Valles

      Lucas Macias – MD, Orquesta de Granada
      MD Filarmonia de Oviedo

      Carlos Dominguez-Nieto – MD, Orquesta de Cordoba

      Maximino Zumalave – Associate Dir. – Real Filarmonica de Galicia

      Pablo Mielgo – MD, Orquesta Simfonica Baleares

      Virginia Martinez – Orquesta Sinfonica de Murcia

      Andres Salado – MD, Orquesta de Extremadura

      • Rodrigo says:

        Hispa-vox, in fact, when you consider Associate or Principal Guest Conductors, you have Spanish maestri featured in nearly every professional orch. in Spain.

        Let’s add to the list Jose Trigueros, Associate Conductor of the Orquesta Sinfonica de Galicia and Jaime Martin, Principal Guest Conductor of the Orquesta Nacional de Espana.

        And why not have a look at the new 2022-23 season for the Orquesta Nacional de Espana? You’ll see top Spanish conductors featured: Pablo Heras-Casada, Juanjo Mena, Jaime Martin, Miguel Angel Garcia Canamero, Josep Pons.

        The Orq. Nacional also has a special series highlighting young Spanish conducting talent, called “Descubre…Conozcamos los nombres”.

        Rising Spanish conducting stars Julio Garcia Vico, Isabel Rubio & Francois Lopez-Ferrer will be featured during the 2022-23 season.

        Times have changed, Hispa-vox. Spain has many fine conductors & they are very much conducting in Spain.

      • Hispa-Vox says:

        1. Pablo Gonzalez – Music Director, Orquesta RTVE, Madrid. FYI: New music director is German conductor Robert König.
        2. Orquesta Simfonica de Valles performs 9 concerts per season, and the musicians (except principal chairs) are hired per service. So, professional musicians, but…
        3. FYI: Real Filharmonia de Galicia has a Director Titular, Paul Daniel (not Spanish). So, WRONG.
        4. Ramon Tebar – Music Director, Orquesta de Valencia. FYI: New music director is Alexander Liebreich.
        5. Non-Spanish conductors in season 22/23:
        Orquesta Nacional de Espana
        Orquesta Sinfonia de Madrid / Teatro Real
        Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid
        Orquesta de Castilla y Leon
        Orquesta de Galicia
        Orquesta del Principado de Asturias
        Orquesta de Euskadi
        Orquesta Sinfonia de Bilbao
        Orquesta de Navarra
        Orquesta de Barcelona
        Orquesta de la Comunidad Valenciana
        Real Orquesta Sinfonica de Sevilla
        Orquesta Filarmonica de Gran Canaria
        Orquesta de RTVE
        Filharmonia de Galicia
        Orquesta de Valencia
        *Orquesta de Tenerife loses its Spanish conductor and gets an American principal guest conductor, but I don’t include it in the list.

        Spanish conductors in Season 22/23:
        Orquesta Filarmonica de Malaga
        Gran Teatro del Liceu
        Orquesta de Granada
        Orquesta de Cordoba (until recent they had a
        Orquesta Simfonica Baleares
        Orquesta Sinfonica de Murcia
        Orquesta de Extremadura
        *Note that, except Liceu, all these orchestras would be generally ranked as the lower-level Spanish professional orchestras

        Where is the surprise, Rodrigo? Really? Nearly half?

        And, please don’t forget: it is Hispa-vox or HispaVox (like the record label), never Hispavoz. Show some respect.

        • Rodrigo says:

          How could we forget? The appointment described in Mr. Lebrecht’s post was made under the aeguis of that region’s new Minister of Culture. He is, I believe, the first member of your political party, Vox, to hold a prominent govt. position in Spain. The Director of the cultural organization which oversees the orch. is a Vox appointee. So if you’re not pleased with how things are going maybe you should take it up with Vox.

          Dear, you’re not a musician. Bless your heart. If you were you’d understand that there is a big difference between Music Director, Associate Music Director & Principal Guest Conductor, which I made crystal clear in my post. These positions exist in conjunction with the MD, not instead of.

          You said “Spain, the land where Spaniards don’t conduct their orchestras”. I listed Music Directors, Assoc. Music Directors & Principal Guest Conductors who are all Spaniards conducting Spanish orchestras. That’s not “wrong” – it’s your misunderstanding of the titles.

          What a pity that you consider the orchestras of some regions of Spain to be “lower level”. Are these regions of Spain also “lower level” in your opinion? Did you know that that the Principal Trumpet of Granada went directly from this “low level” orchestra to become Principal Trumpet of Chicago Symphony? Or that Murcia was one of the first orchestras in Europe to appoint a female music director?

          The orchestras I’ve listed are all equal members of the Asociación Española de Orquestas Sinfónicas (AEOS). They are not ranked by “importance”. They each represent & serve a region of Spain & every one is important.

          You are intent on proving a point that simply is not true. Spanish conductors ARE conducting in Spain.

          • Hispa-Vox says:

            Don’t be so smart, my name has nothing to do with the political party. I am a Spanish singer, a Spanish voice, hence Hispa-Vox. Please, learn some Latin and stop politicizing things here.

          • Rodrigo says:

            Hispa-Vox, you’ve previously gone into great detail in Slipped Disc comments about why you support the Vox political agenda. It was noteworthy because you also revealed enough about yourself for us to know that you are not a typical Vox enthusiast.

            Several people warned you that this is not the best place to come out as a Vox voter. It looks like you listened. I seriously doubt that anyone else is using the same name

          • Hispa-vox says:

            Never did such thing. I challenge you to find such comments. That is simply not true.

          • Rodrigo says:

            Hispa-vox, please read the comments for April 18, 2022. You were quite explicit.


          • Mariajosefernández says:

            Típico de un español: cuando no hay argumentos, se intenta descalificar al otro. En éste caso, cuando Rodrigo ya no tiene qué decir, intenta descalificar a Hispa-Vox. Me parece tristísimo. Lo vemos todo el rato en el Congreso de los Diputados en Madrid.

          • Rodrigo says:

            Me pidió que mostrara sus comentarios y lo hice. Eso no es descalificarle.

            Esta persona es un comentarista frecuente que suele equivocarse y suele ser bastante pomposo al respecto. Anteriormente ha hecho mucho ruido sobre su afiliación política aquí.

            Esta vez ha dicho que los directores españoles no dirigen orquestas españolas. Eso es falso. Le señalé por qué. No es una descalificación, es la verdad.

            Un saludo.

          • Hispavox says:

            Spaniards are conducting Spanish orchestras, but are not the minority of principal conductors, chief conductors, music director and principal conductors, supreme-overlord conductors or whatever you want to call the principal conductor of the orchestra, the one that conducts most of the concerts or performances. Associated conductors, resident conductors, principal guest conductors etc. are not the conductors calling the shots. That easy.

            And, please, refrain from ad-hominem fallacies (Dear, you’re not a musician); and from assuming I vote/have sympathy for/represent/support any political party (which incidentally would be none of your business). Try to be civil.

          • Hispa-Vox says:

            *Correction: Spaniards are conducting Spanish orchestras, but are the minority of…

        • Rodrigo says:

          Correction: “aegis”. We wouldn’t want you to misunderstand that point as you have with much else I’ve said! 😉

        • Rodrigo says:

          HispaVox, yes, both Spanish and non-Spanish conductors are conducting Spanish orchestras. There’s room for both.

    • Eusebius says:

      Well, it’s not like Castilla y León Orchestra doesn’t care about Spanish musicians…
      If you look at their season brochure they have created a new national conducting competition in order to support young Spanish talent.
      Petrenko’s position is associated to bring a young Spanish soloist with him every year.
      Their Artist-in-Residence is Javier Perianes.
      Apart from all the regional concerts with Spanish artists…

  • msc says:

    That seems a slightly strange and unnecessary extra commitment from Petrenko (no offence intended to castellanoleonés).

    • Rodrigo says:

      Not really.

      Petrenko has a longstanding connection with this orchestra, dating back to 2004 when he won the Cadaques Conducting Competition. He worked with them long before he became a big name & before the orch. had its stunning new hall.

      He’s served as their Principal Guest Conductor in past seasons & has returned to conduct them almost every year since he was in Liverpool. He’s part of the evolution of this orch. & they might just be part of his.

  • Manu says:

    Wow! Kleiber-level for Valladolid