Now Anna Netrebko puts her Vienna apartment on sale

Now Anna Netrebko puts her Vienna apartment on sale


norman lebrecht

June 29, 2022

A week after selling up in New York, the Vienna-based Russian diva has put up her Vienna downtown pad for sale.

The 225 square metre duplex has a roof terrace with a view of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The asking price is 3.9 million Euros.

Reportedly, she has found something bigger.



    • William Evans says:

      Ah, I enjoyed that – very soothing! (It also conjured up images of Society dances in 1930s London!)

    • Nicholas says:

      The debonair British stage and screen star, Jack Buchanan, also, recorded a fine rendition of this tune. I don’t believe Anna Yuryevna will be leaving Vienna, though. Please no At The Balalaika.

  • Maria says:

    Why are we getting fed this nonsense? How many flats does she or anyone need when the whole opera world has changed for all singers – and the as audience attendance too?

  • James Weiss says:

    Moving to Elba?

  • tet says:

    I hear Tajikistan is nice.

    With the proceeds from the NY and Vienna sales, she can build an opera house there, sort of like her own personal Bayreuth dedicated to her and Mr. Netrebko to sing in.

  • music lover says:

    Use it as a refugee shelter for Ukrainian refugees.

  • Diana says:

    And I used to think she is the greatest soprano since Joan Sutherland and Maria Callas.
    I just threw away all her cd’s!

    • Tristan says:

      Don’t throw them away as she used to sing beautifully and in certain roles she still can be very good – just never ever put her in the league of Callas as they are worlds between them in literally everything

      • AlbericM says:

        What would you consider her best roles or performances? I ask as someone who has largely unfollowed her career, at least until The Met presented an endless stream of her every possible outing. She should definitely stay away from bel canto roles.

    • Tom Phillips says:

      Why on earth would anyone ever think that? How does she compare to Freni, Price, Caballe, Scotto (in her prime) etc. among many others?

    • John Pickford says:

      You really, really have to reconsider your reasoning and thought process to mention her in the same breath as Callas and La Stupenda (Price, Milanov, Tebaldi etc.) Sad to hear you recycled/shredded her CDs since no one would buy them!

  • andy lim says:

    She did not sell her Russian appartments…

  • Kathleen King says:

    Perhaps she is going to turn it all into Russian gold coins and sew them in the hems of her designer gowns for when she goes on the run? In any event, she’s now what she was destined to be, a has been.

    • Eddie says:

      You are absolutely right
      Let’s not forget her voice was not at her best before COVID 19 & the brutal invantion of Ukraine

  • Navi sterling says:

    An apt in Siberian suits her well. It goes with her fridge ice cold heart and soul.

  • Bozidar Sicel says:

    What a miserable site, and what miserable people with their hatred full of vulgar and primitive comments. How such uneducated morons can have interest in art of opera!?
    And, about war in Ukraine, why don’t you listen what Noam Chomsky and prof. Merscheimer from University of Chicago has to say about USA and NATO pushing the world to nuclear war for their colonial goals? Why all of you didn’t bark about Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Panama, Iraq, Afganistan and so on, where millions and millions were killed.
    Shame on creator of this site and all miserable commentators who are full of shameless hate.
    I have read some very appreciated and informative books of the author of this site. And I command him for that. But with this hateful site he has lost his way. Shame!

    • AlbericM says:

      The author of this site isn’t posting the sequence of dispraise for Anyushka found here. A series of opera lovers who take their culture seriously are.

  • Lord Elmston Cadberry II says:

    When did it become okay to be this impolite? Some people here speak about Anna as if she were public enemy number one! Meanwhile there are real problems plaguing this world.