Anna Netrebko has nothing to say to the New York Times

Anna Netrebko has nothing to say to the New York Times


norman lebrecht

June 22, 2022

And the paper has nothing new to say about her.

A huge feature today about the soprano by Javier C. Hernandez states: ‘Netrebko has declined repeated requests for an interview from The New York Times over the past several months.’

Hard to see the point of the piece.




  • Anthony Sayer says:

    Hard to see the point of the New York times, too.

  • Hermann Lederer says:

    Well – she said already what she had to say. Good. She does not want to give an interview to the NY Times. May be a crime in the the eyes of the journalists of this paper but apart from this: good decision. Enough talk. She said what was necessary to say and that’s enough .

    • M2N2K says:

      Unfortunately for her, over the years she said far more than “was necessary to say” and much of what she said was not wise at all.

    • Agata says:

      This is a black and white history case. Pro-contra. If Mrs Netrebko feels allegiance to Mr Putin it is her choice. She will be judged based on that. We all will.
      So let’s choose wisely.

      • Ted says:

        Let us keep in mind she is a Opera performer, not a politician or ambassador nor a general. The most famous performers i can think of were Mara Hari and John Wilkes Booth.. No one so far named Netrebko

    • Manuela says:

      Well, you say that she said enough. In fact she should shut up her mouth. She has no brains, and is a hypocrite! Even when she said she stands by the Ukraine, I don’t believe her !! She thinks only of her goodies and her wallet!! It’s money that she wants. She will do anything- but really anything – to collect money from western countries! Her Vienna Apt. is a “donation”, her viennese Passport as well, even if she can’t speak 2 words of German language after all these years !! She thinks of her profits only. Again, this woman cannot be trusted. She is still in contact with Kreml !!! Think what you want.

    • Manuela says:

      Because she will simply repeat the lies that she already said ! I cannot trust this woman who is only interested to cash western money !! She is dancing on two ropes at the same time ! Not to mention that she is replaceable! Her good vocal times are over ! She is too forte or too piano. Nothing in between.

  • RICHARD M. BRAUN says:

    If one can’t see the point of the piece, then he or she is as immoral as the opera houses that engage her. Her ambivalence no orders of the remorseless. Meantime, I stand with Ukraine.

    • Chris says:

      She is not a Putin supporter now! …but she is still Russian. She is a great singer, and a great person! She has said the right things, and to judge her is completely unfair! I stand with her and with Ukraine! Hold your fire!

      • Elizabeth says:

        I like Anna. She has a gorgeous voice, a nice husband, an autistic child, and I think she’s lovely.

    • Franz Sherbet says:


    • Mikey says:

      Please keep your “morals” out of Music and art. While these are your morals, other people may have different morals. Should we start a “moral” war on the back of musicians and artist? Keep music and opera out of that!

    • Ted says:

      SRO for now at least.

  • Tiredofitall says:

    Point? It is an excellent overview of the situation with Ms. Netrebko, instead of sensationalist headlines out of context. The circumstances reviewed altogether say more than any self-serving statements from Anna.

    Thousands of humans beings continue to suffer and die–repeat, thousands of people continue to suffer and die–and the international economy suffers. Unless Anna is part of the solution, she is part of the problem.

    • Perspective says:

      What part of her statements you haven’t read?! Are you purposedly blind or deaf? Can you also be any more demagogic and sanctimonious?


    • Franz Sherbet says:

      I’m sure you feel that way about all Russian artists? Give me a break with the virtue signaling and optics.

    • Mikey says:

      The “either or” choice is inane at best. Musicians and artists are not politicians. I hope more of them (on all sides) keep their opinions to themselves.

    • Ted says:

      She isn’t that o.portant on the world stage. Ergo she is neither the problem nor a solution.

  • MR M J CHANDLER says:

    How wonderful it is when someone has nothing to say.

  • Wisco says:

    She’s afraid of being asked about her support for Putin. It’s ruining her career.

  • Robin says:

    Come on: Why is there all this fuss about Anna Netrebko? She’s a good singer but that’s all. In comparison with many other singers of today she’s no better. She’s become the product of a publicity draw card over talent. Her interpretation of roles is still based on a lack of subtlety; she’s basically only got two volumes limited to loud and soft; her vibrato is still inclined to be intrusive. Like many singers who hit the big time she showed amazing and quite thrilling potential when young but now she’s not much better. Sadly, and it is a real pity for opera lovers, if she stopped singing today she would not be missed but easily replaced.

  • Emilee says:



    She gave a big interview to Die Zeit last week, elaborating on her position – any chance Slipped Disc could report on its contents?

    • Roberto says:

      NYT has no need to interview ms Trebenko, most Americans know nothing about opera…remember that to be Russian is not crime.

      • Ted says:

        No. It isn’t a crime.and don’t fool yourself about Americans and Opera.The venue in Santa Fe is quite well known. There are people-a lot of people-a who gave second or third ho es here just for the Summer Opera season. And it was built when this was a little row. Of around 30 thousand people (and rebuilt after someone burned it down in 1967).The Santa Fe Opera, bravely, went on to perform at the local HS auditorium while the Opera was rebuilt. If you had ever seen that auditorium/gymnasiumboth the performers and audience were quite brave. And determined.

    • Tiredofitall says:

      Slipped Disc already did, on June 9, along with a link to the article in Die Zeit. Not an extensive nor illuminating interview. It can be looked up.

  • David A. Boxwell says:

    The photo makes me want to know all about her resort wear style choices.

  • Ted says:

    My bilingual English German keyboard gave out as i was a out to point out that an opera singer doesn’t need to “know” more than two words of German in Order to sing German, as long as it is pronounced properly. And two of the most important words o. German are Bier and Danke, though Bitte us good also

  • Stephan von Cron says:

    I think we might be interested in what Mme. Netrebko has to say if she were a serious artist and knew how to sing. Since that is not the case, what’s the point?

  • Nightowl says:

    It’s not over…