A Russian is runner-up

A Russian is runner-up


norman lebrecht

June 19, 2022

The Russian pianist Anna Geniushene was awarded silver medal and $50,000 at the Van Cliburn finals.

Geniushene, 31, is now based in Lithuania.

The bronze medal and $25,000 went to the Ukrainian Dmytro Choni, 28.

There was no controversy, either about the judges’ choices or about the presence of Russians in the finals.

The gold medal went to the Korean, Yunchan Lim.


  • Jon says:

    Bravo! She played extremely beautiful Brahms Ballades and Rachmaninoff Etudes among many other things, all well deserved winners.

  • Ya what says:

    And obviously here come the ultra left wingers who’ll claim that Anna’s prize is soft power for Russia and that Yunchan’s win playing Rach 3 is also soft power for the current Russian regime. Absolute nonsense! Music is music, politics is politics and war is war. Keep music out of this mess please – it’s all we have left!