A musician’s bag is dredged from the Thames

A musician’s bag is dredged from the Thames


norman lebrecht

June 29, 2022

Nicola White, who scours the banks oft the River Thames for interesting debris, has found a suitcase which appears to be a musician’s gigbag.

It contains scores, an evening shirt and bow ties. The music is for flute.

Can anyone help identify these items.

Check the video at 39:20.

It could belong to a person who has disappeared, or is at risk.


  • Barry Guerrero says:

    I’ve watched enough movies to know that this a job for Scotland Yard . . . . or is that just celluloid fiction?

  • IP says:

    Washed down all the way from Causton.

  • SVM says:

    32:20, not 39:20, surely.

    It would seem to belong to a flautist into contemporary repertoire (judging by the Carol Wincenc anthology) who wears wooden bracelets/necklaces with Orthodox-Christian iconography and is into cycling (judging by the cycling magazine).