10 players leave Toronto Symphony

10 players leave Toronto Symphony


norman lebrecht

June 15, 2022

Seems an usually high turnover, carefully coordinated.

The farewell statement;

At Saturday’s performance, the TSO thanked & honoured the 10 retiring musicians from the past two seasons! Bravi tutti!
Music Director Gustavo Gimeno (centre with l-r: Joaquin Valdepeñas (Principal Clarinet), Mi-Hyon Kim (Violin), John Rudolph (Percussion), Paul Rogers (Double Bass)
Bottom Row: Keith Atkinson (Associate Principal Oboe), Dan Blackman (Viola), Gary Corrin (Principal Librarian), Terry Holowach (Violin), Young-Dae Park (Violin), Marie Gelinas (Cello)


  • MacroV says:

    Well, it’s two years worth of retirements. Five departures in one year is a little high but not a five-alarm fire.

    Jaoaquin Valdepenas was there since 1980, a star of his generation; John Rudolph I remember (as not even that young) from summer camp in the early 1980s, was in Vancouver for a long time. Keith Atkinson was there 35-40 years, if I’m not mistaken.

  • TorViolist says:

    These are retirements that cover multiple seasons and are now being honoured because things are returning to normal. Some of these musicians retired more than two years ago.

    • TorViolist says:

      I cannot imagine the TSO without Young-Dae Park. Both of my teachers, Kent Teeple and Dan Blackman are now gone too. Is Skaz next?

  • Mr. Obvious says:

    Your insinuation that something weird is going on is silly. Over the past two years *during the pandemic*, several players retired, and now that Covid-related issues have become manageable enough, the organization is finally able to celebrate and wish them a well-earned farewell. Nothing more.

  • Hispa-vox says:

    I wonder how many of them retired earlier so they don’t have to work with the highly overrated Gustavo Gimeno.

    • Leslie Dawn Knowles says:

      My gosh, what did he do to you lol? Obviously you are out of touch with how we and our audiences feel. This is a very normal turnover. And the fact is there are actually fewer people retiring than are eligible because we are so inspired by Gustavo.

  • Leslie Willis says:

    Joaquin!!! My husband, Gerald Willis and I went to school with Joaquin at CSUF and played on his Senior Recital! It was my very first time performing the Mozart Clarinet Quintet! He was wonderful as usual!! Two of my colleagues have also worked with Joaquin, Dr Henry Casares and Dr Kattiusca Marin.
    Joaquin, we’re so excited for you! Congratulations! If you’re ever in Colorado, look us up!! Royal Gorge Philharmonic, Canon City, CO 81212

  • Schmidty says:

    Quite unsettling news.

  • V. Cleland says:

    We’ll miss Mr. Valdepenas very much. I feel very sad about this, but hope to see him perform again.