Vienna: Roscic joins the rat race

Vienna: Roscic joins the rat race


norman lebrecht

May 01, 2022

The Vienna State Opera director Bogdan Roščić told yesterday’s season-launch press conference that he will apply for a second term in his job, despite the Government reopening the position and saying it was looking for a woman chief.

In the way things work in Vienna, this suggests he has received a political assurance that he will be renewed.

On Ukraine matters, the Austrian-Serb Roscic said he intended to rehire Anna Netrebko and appealed to the EU to remove sanctions from the Putin bank-funded Teodor Currentzis and his orchestra MusicAeterna,


  • RW2013 says:

    Have any female rats applied?

  • Pedro says:

    I was at the lauching of the season yesterday. It looks superb in terms of casts and repertoire. Pity Philippe Jourdan is still the music director. I look forward with great apprehension to tonight’s Tristan. He was sick for yesterday’s presentation and Axel Kohber replaced him. Let’s hope the same happens today and that Jourdan will recover quickly… after my departure from Vienna on Tuesday.

    • OperaFan says:

      What’s so bad about Jordan? I genuinely do not understand and am merely asking for more information.

      • Tiredofitall says:

        Nothing is wrong with Jordan. Too bad New York missed the boat.

      • Pedro says:

        Just off from the last Tristan of the run. The producer is stupid and ignorant and not only because of the nudity. The singing was very fine, even if the great René Pape is starting to show his age. Serafin was a very good surprise and she and Schager saved the show with the necessary emotion who was also lacking. in the pit. Jordan was there but, though he had a magnificent orchestra at his disposal, I didn’t felt any empathy with his artists and the music. The same has happened before, lastly in a Rosenkavalier in Paris, and before that, several other operas in Berlin and NY.

  • IP says:

    Do the Austrians still call the likes of him Tschauschen?

    • Vienna calling says:

      Only the racists – and even they know how to spell it correctly.

      • Tiredofitall says:

        So, the majority of Austrians use “Tschuschen”?

      • IP says:

        I am sorry, I have never seen it in writing, just heard it spoken everywhere, in all kinds of social circles. It must have been the early 1970s. Sorry about the Vienna Opera as well.

  • Jonathan Sutherland says:

    “In the way things work in Vienna, this suggests he has received a political assurance that he will be renewed.”
    It is my understanding that Dominque Meyer was told the same thing and look what happened to him.
    Bogdan Roščić’s track-record at das Haus am Ring is even more dubious.
    As the Viennese are notorious for exquisite perfect-manners duplicity, if I was gospodine Roščić, I would start looking at the Stellenangebote pages of the Kronen Zeitung before slurping my morning Einspänner.

  • wiener says:

    Bitte nicht.