Ruth Leon recommends… Pilobolus

Ruth Leon recommends… Pilobolus

Ruth Leon recommends

norman lebrecht

May 11, 2022


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The Pilobolus Company is unique. Co-founded in 1971 by Dartmouth College students Robby Barnett, Jonathan Wolken, Michael Tracy, and Moses Pendelton, along with dance teacher Alison Chase and later Martha Clarke, Pilobolus has always challenged the usual conventions of dancemaking.

They create dance collaboratively with a unique approach to partnering, approaching movement as athletes. They have often conceptualized their work as scientific in nature (exemplified by the early signature work Ocellus) – adopting the company’s name from a kind of single-celled, yet intelligent, fungus.

​Pilobolus creates whole worlds out of bodies moving in air.

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