Pravda shows Valentina Lisitsa playing outside the former Ukraine embassy

Pravda shows Valentina Lisitsa playing outside the former Ukraine embassy


norman lebrecht

May 12, 2022

The former international pianist is mourning victims of an alleged Ukrainian attack on Russian supporters.

In Pravda’s words: Valentina is engaged in a humanitarian mission — she delivers humanitarian aid to Mariupol. And now she also supports the fight against Ukrainian Nazism with her talent, performing in memory of those tragically killed in Odessa.
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  • sweetmusic says:


  • soavemusica says:

    According to the BBC:

    The Council of Europe has criticised Ukrainian authorities for their investigation into a May 2014 fire in Odessa that killed more than 40 people.

    The fire occurred amid violent clashes between pro-Russian protesters and Ukrainian government supporters.

    Given Odessa’s police were accused of complicity in mass disorder at the time, the investigation should have been carried out by a body independent of the interior ministry.

    The exact cause of fire remains unknown, but the Council of Europe report said protesters inside the building may have accidentally started some fires.

    In the aftermath of the incident, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk had sharply criticised the security forces, promising a full investigation right down to “every single police officer”.

    • CK says:

      What exactly does your statement about an incident that happened 8 years ago, have to do with THIS article?


      ALSO, what “AID” is she bringing to Mariupol? If I am wrong in saying this, my apologies.
      I wish that all of the aid that she brings to Mariupol be returned to her 10 fold.

      Also, enough with the, “well they did something too bs”. Innocent people who weren’t protesting anything are being SLAUGHTERED in Ukraine.

      Keep to the topic at hand, or better yet, start your own site where you can howl at the moon and we don’t have to hear it.

      Hope your music is more SUAVE than your penchant for disarticulated non sequitur.

  • Piano fan says:

    Truly she is Russia’s Elly Ney.

    • esfir ross says:

      VL’s trully humanitarian and a great pianist.

    • IP says:

      I think both were/are not very clever. However, Ney was granddaughter of Liszt through one of her teachers and great-granddaughter of Beethoven through the other, while Miss Lisitsa is daughter of youtube and granddaughter of the KGB.

      • esfir ross says:

        EN took 2 lessons from T.Leshetitzky, that had lineage to Beethoven. She studied with Emil Sauer, Liszt pupil. EN wasn’t like by Hitler and Goebbels because during life in USA EN had many Jewish friends. EN denounce Hitler regime after WWII. EN died in Germany 1968 and was honored with flags halfway down.

        • Robert Hairgrove says:

          Interesting reading about EN and VL in this context:

          And if one accepts the reports of EN’s anti-Semitism from early 1930’s (e.g. refusing to jump in for Rudolf Serkin in 1933 at a festival in Hamburg because he was Jewish), I sincerely doubt that she had ANY Jewish friends in the USA during her brief marriage to an American coal dealer.

    • bobbbz says:

      I will try to give VL the benefit of the doubt and say she is doing this because she is afraid of being killed if she doesn’t.. Hopefully that is the reason and not that she actually support russia, but I think part of her does since she supported russia long before the war.

      Though now she definitely has no choice. She has to run or continue support. Her actions have consequences she will find out

  • Victor Lobos says:

    “Alleged” Ukrainian attack?! Come on, it’s on video for everybody to see how rabid Ukrainian nacionalists burned alive 50 pro Russians.

    • CK says:

      I hate to say this, because it really is a false comparison, but…

      When you live in a country where factions inside, and out, actually all around you are trying to remove your ability to be a free, self governing people, you have few options that will please everyone.

      It is telling that you use the following phrases, “rabid Ukraninan Nationalists, and pro Russians”, considering that this happened in their OWN country UKRAINE. I wonder what the Pro Russian demands were of the Ukrainian government?? UKRAINE is a self governing, independent democracy. For all it’s faults and issues, expecting Ukraine to lie down and be re-absorbed into a crazy man’s fever dream of an Empire is insanity.

  • Sisko24 says:

    I’m particularly grateful for the link to Pravda; it proved to be most revealing. After reading the article about Ms. Lisitsa, I scrolled through and read other articles in their ‘news’ section. I now clearly understand why there is the saying, “There’s no truth in Pravda, no news in Ivestia” which dates from the Cold War era.

    “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

  • GGG says:

    There’s no way this happened recently did it? Man that website is propaganda prime.

    Shame if VL did this recently, but it would be weird… Part of her is probably in fear of being killed by Russia like other musicians that refuse to to the bidding of Putin to show support.