‘Opera’s most dynamic leading man’ on CBS 60 Minutes

‘Opera’s most dynamic leading man’ on CBS 60 Minutes


norman lebrecht

May 23, 2022

‘I do this for myself,’ he says.

Here’s a clip:


  • Bloom says:

    Nauseating publicity. But what to except from the present day Herr Kaufmann? He just follows the money and money follows him. A dynamic duo.

  • Bloom says:


  • guest says:

    Rambling. Both his speech and his written prose are as unfocused as his singing. I agree with him on one point though, he did this for himself, there isn’t any other possibly explanation for it.

  • Harpist says:

    He is back in the US? Where? Not at the Met. He cancelled his last performances regularly. Saw him last I think years back in London in his first Otello.

  • Frank Lopardo says:

    I hope the towel was clean.

  • David A. Boxwell says:

    Apparently, when he retires opera will finally die.

  • Henry williams says:

    Kissin said that he performs better in a live concert.
    It seems the same with Kaufman.

  • guest says:

    Just listening to the short clip, and taking into account that English is not his native language, I think he was actually saying that it was wrong to think that “I do this for myself”, as if the audience was not important: now, post-Covid, he understands better. This will cut no ice with the chorus of Kaufmann-haters on display here, of course.

    • EbbaAnders says:

      They all can’t hear to the end or don’t understand (like NL). In several interviews after the Lockdown – like here – he clearly said he was wrong. Singing without an audience is terrible. You need the audience because it gives you energy, because you feel it and have resonance. But people here just want to boo even if the message is wrong.

      • guest says:

        There’s no question of the message being right or wrong, the problem is there’s no message, or rather too incoherent and convoluted for his own good.
        I wonder how long until ‘Becker Waltraud’ makes an apparition? Are you and Waltraud the ‘Jonas Siamese Twins’?

  • MPMcGrath says:

    Clearly, he is manufacturing a self-aggrandizing celebrity status (more profitable?) to replace the status of wonderful singer. His banality is remarkable. Such a contrast to the voice.

  • Barbara says:

    Luciano and Dima and the rest pale!

  • Gerry Feinsteen says:

    He should save opera and join the Jonas Brothers, tomorrow.

  • IP says:

    I am not a Kaufmann hater but I wish he would not do such overtly masculine gestures while singing.

  • Jeffrey Olson says:

    Like it or not, he is the Divo du jour. I try to find something to enjoy. I prefer Italianate tenors in Italian opera. I guess Wagner is OK, but the same situation: no heroic ring, no Italian squillo. He he was singing things he just wasn’t right for. ( Cosi, Traviata, ). He is good onstage, and seems like a nice enough guy. He is the product of our culture. 1. Be good looking 2. Hopefully sing well, but it’s not the main concern. My question is , if not him as the major male opera star, WHO? No use lamenting the sorry state of operatic voices. They have been gone a long time. The public doesn’t demand them. Kauffman is who/what we have….

    • guest says:

      ‘No use lamenting the sorry state of operatic voices. They have been gone a long time. The public doesn’t demand them.’

      What a splendid idea. Who needs standards anyway? Let’s drop spelling too. After all, the kids working diligently to increase social media garbage can’t spell for the life of them. They don’t demand spelling, so why should we? Even better, let’s drop words altogether because more than half of them have reached the stage in which they communicate using a vocabulary consisting of just three emojis.

      Let’s call pop and rap ‘opera’, let’s call graffiti ‘Rembrandt’, let’s call junkfood ‘haute cuisine’, let’s call social media posts ‘literature’. Most important of all, never question what media and advertising throw at you, just take it, pay and be happy, particularly if it sports good looks, or had so in the past. Rings a bell. Oh, Huxley. Are you going to audition for Mustapha? I’m afraid that particular role isn’t offered to audition.

  • Diane Fanizza says:

    He is an admirable , versatile and always interesting artist. I do not understand the large amount of negative criticism he receives by the so called “operatic intelligentsia” Both he and ” 60 Minutes ” were apparently uncomfortable in this awkward interview . Must he apologize for being a handsome , charismatic , often brilliant and dedicated, successful artist with a unique, powerful voice and adored by millions ? Control the ” green eyed monster ” ladies and gentlemen. Excelsior, Jonas !! Je t’aime !

  • The View from America says:

    He’s fine. It’s the sycophantic interviewer who sucks …