Navalny says Putin is stealing from musicians

Navalny says Putin is stealing from musicians


norman lebrecht

May 19, 2022

Five tweets from supporters of the jailed Russian opposition leader:




  • John Kelly says:

    Putin and his cadre are stealing from EVERYONE! CNN had an absolutely riveting documentary about Navalny. Do whatever you have to in order to view it.

  • IP says:

    He steals from everyone — why should musicians be exempt? Nothing personal.

  • Sam McElroy says:

    Totally agree! Bravo, Navalny!

    WISH it could apply to Venezuelan musicians, too! They served a narco-dictatorship for two decades while watching from five-star hotels abroad as their nation sank into a mire of human misery, causing the exile of 7 million of their fellow citizens. They worked for Putin’s main ally in the region, under a wing of the Venezuelan regime. They wore the regime flag in concerts. Yet, STILL their franchise is adopted around the world!

    Is the moral line only drawn at the military invasion of a neighbouring state? Torture, arbitrary detention, murder of protesters… they don’t count? When will we ever hear an apology from the agencies, promoters, orchestras, record label and artists that profited so richly from this machiavellian bargain? No doubt they are all now signalling their virtue in the Ukrainian context, with zero understanding of Russia’s global alliances.

    And now that Biden removes sanctions on Venezuela’s ICC-sanctioned criminals in order to access Venezuelan oil and bring down gas prices in time for the mid-terms, watch the machinery of music propaganda crank up again. It already started with concerts in Turkey, led by regime puppet, Christian Vasquez. Why Turkey? Because Maduro’s son, on the board of El Sistema, has private interests in gold mining, and Turkey is Venezuela’s chief conduit for gold refining and sanctions busting.

    Open your eyes, classical music world. There is more to this global puzzle than Ukraine and Russia.

    (And before anyone draws false equivalencies with American musicians and the Iraq war – which most consider an abhorrent and illegal war, me included – the US state has virtually no involvement in the sponsorship of the arts, let alone a state-funded music propaganda program).

  • M2N2K says:

    As usual, the Navalny Team has a valid point.