Agent fires artist over heart condition

Agent fires artist over heart condition


norman lebrecht

May 30, 2022

The Stage has a chilling story:

An actor who was dropped by his agent as a result of being diagnosed with a heart condition is calling for best practice guidelines to be produced to prevent other performers from being treated this way…

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Do we know agents like that in the music world? Surely not.


  • zum beispiel says:

    well, diagnosed with “Russian nationality” – sorry, out please

    • Andrew says:

      What’s more likely is, undiagnosed with side effects from experimental gene therapy, for example.

  • Ex-agent says:

    I have remembered of one of the big London agencies dropping a superb singer following worst illness. Instead of helping them to rebuild their career they showed them the door. Luckily one of the other big ones had the decency, heart and foresight to take them on.

    I would do more specific but it is not my story to tell.