A recycled croquet pavilion will give lift to Glyndebourne

A recycled croquet pavilion will give lift to Glyndebourne


norman lebrecht

May 03, 2022

From the season announcement:

Following a delay due to recent challenges in the construction industry, Glyndebourne will next summer unveil its new, year-round event space, designed and built to the highest environmental standards. Glyndebourne is committed to reducing the impact of its activity on the environment and embeds those principles in any new capital project it undertakes.

The Holloway Croquet Pavilion has been designed by BakerBrown Studio and will be built from materials that are more often viewed as waste. These will be sourced directly from the Glyndebourne site or from the immediate surrounding area and include local chalk, glass, cork and wood from trees felled due to ash dieback. The new structure will also function as a ‘material bank’ so that one day it can be deconstructed to provide material for future buildings.


  • bgn says:

    So, will Glyndebourne provide antelope to nibble the croquet hoops?