2 US violinists, 2 Ukrainians in Sibelius final

2 US violinists, 2 Ukrainians in Sibelius final


norman lebrecht

May 26, 2022

The Jean Sibelius competition has whittled down 18 semi-finalists to six for this weekend’s final round in Helsinki.

They are:

Diana Adamyan (Armenia)
Yesong Sophie Lee (US, pictured)
Nathan Meltzer (US)
Georgii Moroz (Ukraine)
Dmytro Udovychenko (Ukraine)
Inmo Yang (Korea)


  • No to racism says:

    So it’s just a war that needed for them to start playing normally. And you’re going to say that competition is about fair. Certainly, it’s a pity what’s going on there, but come on. Next director for Marvel movies also Ukranian? And Oscar winners too. Please also a bit more ukranians in sports. Did you know that Ukraine national basketball team is the best? Oh, sorry, I’m a bit ahead of time

    • Novagerio says:

      They kept the Russian contestants out of the competition, but kept Ilya Kaler in the jury. What exactly is the point with that?

  • good finalists says:

    This is an absolutely stacked final round and anyone listening to the earlier rounds would say this was based on merit alone. About Russians, well the erosion of many aspects of the country for a long time has led to a loss of talent and also nurturing of talent in many areas, not just the arts. Meanwhile, for the Ukrainians, I’ve been following dmytro for many years, and he is sensational — I’m looking forward to his shostakovich performance.

    Multiple of these finalists have first prizes in other big competitions; rather than naming my favorites, I recommend everyone check out the streaming site and decide on their own. Based on the performers I already know from the past (it’s easy to find many youtube performances of most of them), this seems the best set of finalists in a major competition in a long time.

  • drummerman says:

    Meltzer? Finally…..a Jewish fiddle player!!!