The haggard look of a Ukrainian artist in Bucha

The haggard look of a Ukrainian artist in Bucha


norman lebrecht

April 04, 2022

The town of Bucha will go down in history as the site of an appalling war crime by Russian occupiers.

This man is one of the lucky survivors.

Alexei Ratmansky writes:

This photo shook me to the core… This is my very good friend and former colleague Vitalij Voloshin, ex-principal dancer with National Opera of Ukraine, now balletmaster at Virsky, after a month living under Russian occupation in BUCHA. He and his family were forced out of their apartment by the Russians and found a shelter in one of the private houses nearby. Without electricity or heat, communication or internet, food or water supplies, fearing for their life every minute… BUCHA was liberated by Ukrainian forces couple of days ago and Vitalij’s family is now safe in Kyiv. Check out what he posts on his page, it’s too painful to repost. Russian officials keep claiming it is all fake…