Swedish opera fires serial alleged molester

Swedish opera fires serial alleged molester


norman lebrecht

April 19, 2022

Malmo Opera this morning dismissed its controversial Danish director Michael Bojesen.

Bojesen, 61, had been the subject of sex-pest allegations at his former posts with Danish Radio’s Girls Choir and other organisations.

He has confirmed the dismissal on Facebook:

I have just been dismissed from Malmö Opera. It’s been 5 amazing years and I’m proud of the accomplishments I’ve achieved along with the world’s most competent and dedicated employees. A big thank you for the good cooperation with the board and the great support. Thank you to my management team who have been hardworking, loyal and talented, and thank you to all the amazing employees who showed a very special strength not least during the corona crisis to show the whole world that performing arts and music drama are life-giving end and important.
I’ve never experienced a better workplace where everyone takes responsibility for a good working environment on a daily basis and shows mutual respect.
The bosses are leaving, but the Malmø Opera remains!
I will now dedicate myself the family that for a year and a half, has been through a nightmare of the biggest dimensions.


  • Bulgakov says:

    Shouldn’t that read “alleged serial molester”?

    • Jim C. says:

      I like the term sex pest better. It’s more like it.

      Also, when did he molest anyone? It should be noted too that most of those “girls” in the “Girls Choir” were 18 and over.

    • Common Sense says:


    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      No, not in the world of ‘believe all women’!! But I’d like to see him before a court, otherwise it’s a witch-hunt. Again.

      Sex pests have been around since humans walked the earth; they’re just telling us they’re predatory and entitled and oh, so, attractive!!! Are you reading this Bill Clinton??

  • CSOA Insider says:

    Serial molesters come in all shapes, sizes, ages, flavors, attitudes, methods, degrees of toxicity. Many are in positions of great authority. Most of them publicly profess a deep attachment to their families and spouses.

  • Karl says:

    Most of these accusations are decades old. Accusations are of “vulgar and sexualized language” and “flirty and sexualized atmosphere”. Those are the kinds of things you get accused of when there is no solid evidence that you have really done anything wrong.

    • CSOA Insider says:

      These example behaviors that you mention are illegal in most western countries. In the US, such behaviors would break both federal and state law, in most states. They are sometimes ignored and tolerated even in top institutions, but they are more than enough ground for firing someone. What is more concerning is that such offenses are often a screen for even more bad behaviors behind the scenes; which is often condoned by organizations and those who have fiduciary responsibilities, in the name of “business”.

      • Karl says:

        Flirting is not illegal in western countries. The Quran expressly forbids certain behaviors which could be perceived as flirting. Looks like we are on our way to adopting Sharia law in the west too.

  • Alf Nithercott says:

    Sex Pest? Are you Benny Hill?

  • Nosema says:

    A real asset to the musical life of København and Malmö. Such a fine choral conductor. Tragedy that it has to end this way – he has so much to offer…… as a musician.

  • InsiderOutsider says:

    He was “ratted out” by Copenhagen Phil’s Artistic Director, Peter Lodahl, who leaked (to the tabloid press) a private email conversation between the two, in which Bojesen referred to a young singer as “having nipples but no breasts to back them up”.
    Also, he referred to the various DR Girls Choirs as “1000 labia” (a claim made by a former member of the chorus).
    Some very explicit text messages sent to a chorus member have not been recovered, but whose content have been confirmed by several other chorus members, in which he asked what her favorite sexual position was.

    • CSOA Insider says:

      If these allegations are true, obviously this individual deserves to be fired.

      Such disgusting acts are much more common – and well known – than most people imagine, even at top institutions. Often they are explained away by management by stating that they are “consensual”, when in fact they are not if the perpetrators in position of authority are abusing their power.

      Truly sickening.

    • Andreas says:

      PL was one of more recipients of the e-mail. It’s Bojesen’s own version and has not been verified by anyone else. Bojesen is probably not exactly someone to trust in this case.