Report: Netrebko is welcomed back to Russia

Report: Netrebko is welcomed back to Russia


norman lebrecht

April 21, 2022

A leading Putin newspaper in Russia has reported that Anna Netrebko is expected back shortly for Valery Gergiev’s White Nights Festival that runs from May to July.

The same newspaper recently accused her of treason by distancing herself from Putin’s war in Ukraine. It appears that her ‘crime’ has been forgotten and her cancellation by the Novosibirsk Opera has been dropped. The diva will be welcomed back to Mother Russia with open arms.


  • JS says:

    Once she’s back singing in the West, they can stop pretending that Mother Russia (and Daddy Putin) are disowning her for her (ahem) “condemnation of war.” Anechka has influential sponsors. Yusif is also doing well, in the West he sings in an opera, in Russia he is just releasing his pop album. Smoke and mirrors, as you said, Mr. Lebrecht, smoke and mirrors. Someone should follow the money, that would be interesting.

  • Felix says:

    Merely confirms that she (and Gergiev) deserved all that was said about them.

  • Mind your head says:

    She cannot sing in fascist Russia and in the democratic west.
    Somebody should tell her.

  • Nicky Chow-Chesko says:

    Truly shocked and appalled that the Russians have not yet taken actions to cancel Netrebko. Surely they are aware of her crimes… What gives?

  • Duane says:

    What crimes did Ms. Netrebko break?

    • Achim Mentzel says:

      According to the moralist bubble she is completely rotten. That is also the only “crime” they can accuse her of. Interestingly, those who scream loudest for democracy are precisely those who would most like to use fascist methods and put her in the gulak.

  • Potpourri says:

    Is this report accurate? I haven’t seen another source to confirm this story.