Monte Carlo struggles to justify hiring Anna Netrebko

Monte Carlo struggles to justify hiring Anna Netrebko


norman lebrecht

April 15, 2022

A statement by the opera house of the oligarch Mediterranean enclave argues that the Russian singer has denounced the war and is therefore fit to return to the worls opera stage.

The statement says: ‘Anna Netrebko made a statement two weeks ago regarding the war and her relationship with Putin. She has taken a clear position against the war in Ukraine. As a consequence, she has been declared an ‘enemy of the homeland’ by the speaker of the Duma and a theater in Novosibirsk canceled her appearance.’

This is wilfully untrue. Netrebko claimed she had little to do with Putin, when the known facts prove otherwise. Her recent dissociation from the Ukraine invasion does not refer to it as such. And she has not uttered one word of criticism against the Russian president or his policy.

Monte-Carlo is both tax-free and conscience-free. It will give Netrebko an empathetic welcome.

(The picture is of its philharmonic orchestra.)


  • A.L. says:

    And may that some attendees with conscience show their disapproval. Although the best form of disapproval is to not show up or purchase tickets in the first place. Or ask for a full refund.

    • Ms.Melody says:

      There is little chance of that happening. The demographics of opera goers have changed. if you look around La Scala, Vienna Staatsoper or Arena di Verona you will see mostly( not all) tourists who can afford tickets and want to “do culture and opera” while in Europe. I speak from experience of attending these venues over many years. These people are “in town” for a limited number of days, go to whatever is on in the evening and take selfies in the foyer. They do not know the opera the music, the libretto or the performers, much less , the political affiliations of the performers. For most it is their first time seeing a particular opera and Rigoletto in Las Vegas or Othello who looks like a bus driver may well seem OK.
      For some unexplained reason, Netrebko and her bleating , racist husband are still a hot couple. There must be a terrible deficit of singers if Italians, of all people keep inviting them.

  • justice says:

    it looks like the author is having fun with this witch hunt

    wehret den anfängen !

    • Brettermeier says:

      “wehret den anfängen !”

      1. Am Satzanfang schreibt man groß.
      2. Subjekte schreibt man groß.
      3. Vor Satzzeichen steht kein Leerzeichen.

      Three mistakes in a three-word sentence. Nice.

      • Tiredofitall says:

        Teutonic errors aside, no one is having fun with this situation. We all watch with horror and disbelief. Anna was a willing participant in the Putin propaganda machine and that taint will follow her for the remainder of her years. Done is done.

        • Brettermeier says:

          “no one is having fun with this situation”

          Well. Some Russian wives are kinda excited about their new washing machines, so there’s that.

      • jonas says:


      • Vienna calling says:

        „Vor einem Satzzeichen steht kein Leerzeichen“ oder „Vor Satzzeichen stehen keine Leerzeichen“. Watch your own grammar, Beckmesser.

    • PRKTH says:

      It appears you enjoy using the privilege to comment as a place to display your own political leaning.

  • James Weiss says:

    Monaco is a place filled with dirty Russian money and where the reigning prince has at least 3 illegitimate children by 3 different women that we know of while he’s had his wife committed to a Swiss asylum. Seems like Netrebko will fit right in.

  • Christopher says:

    Ah yes, Monte Carlo. That bastion of liberal democracy. Little surprise that they would cater to the lowest of the low (in every sense of the word).

  • PB says:

    Both Monte Carlo Opera and Teatro alla Scala facebook pages are either not allowing comments on their posts that mention Netrebko or are deleting/hiding the ones that condemn Putin’s supporter.
    Hypocrisy has no limits, and their behaviour is as disgraceful as Netrebko’s.

  • Paolo says:

    In may she will be back in Milano.

  • John Borstlap says:

    As we know, to liberate oneself from one’s conscience is very expensive.

  • Carlskwell says:

    But she is named now an enemy of the state in Russia. So that’s maybe a reason to hire her. To encourage other Russian Artists to distance themselves from the Russian agression.

  • Sane person says:

    You are bunch of insane idiots. Nato bloodthirsty aggressive killers. Go Russia.

  • churchill says:

    “too little and too late”.

    Now is she sang for free & started raising money for orphans of Bucha and Irpin we might believe her.

  • Iam says:

    Anna Netrebko is one of the greatest vocalists! Wonderful voice, she creates powerful images on the stage. Beautiful, talented singer, her art belongs to the whole world! And yes, it is a perfect time for dark, consumed by inner anger, unused agression individuals to declare war to everyone who is not marching with mindless mob. I wish that peacelovers would stop foment the war!
    Tolerance, logic, peace to everyone!!

  • Jonathan Sutherland says:

    As Somerset Maugham described la Principauté de Monaco:
    “A sunny place for shady people”
    Donna Anna is definitely chez elle.

  • Isabella says:

    Oh what a disgrace

  • Perspective says:

    Puritan witchhunt. In the past EVERYONE from polititians to artists took pictures and shook hands with Putin, not only her.

    Now everyone including her has distanced themselves from Putin since the start of his deranged departure.

    Why oh why focus on her?! You guys are hipocrite pondlife. Inflexible vicious unforgiving puritains. Vile.

  • Linnaeus Shecut says:

    How could she ever play Tosca without one thinking of her admiration of Putin being opposite her revulsion to Scarpia?