Maestro explains his contract ‘violation’

Maestro explains his contract ‘violation’


norman lebrecht

April 19, 2022

The German conductor Sebastian Lang-Lessing, who has been terminated by the board of the San Antonio Symphony, has given his version of the infraction he is supposed to have committed.

He tells ‘Referring to your post about the termination of my contract by not the board but a few board officers, the violation is: in case the Symphony continues to cancel the concerts, I‘m conducting the #musiciansofthesanantoniosymphony to make sure live symphonic music continues in San Antonio. The event is supported by the San Antonio Symphony league another arm of the Symphony. The standard provision in an artist contract not to perform within a certain time period and geographic range, doesn‘t really apply here. My intention is to support the preservation and growth of the San Antonio Symphony and keep the dialogue as well as the music alive. The musicians sacrifice a lot to fight for this and deserve all our support.’


  • Mis says:

    Another conductor who should be commended for supporting the musicians no matter the consequences.
    This Board is truly rotten to their core and needs to be removed so music can flourish again.

  • CA says:

    The board leaders refuse to own the fact that they have an inept executive director who needs to go. They are the ones who made the hire but they just won’t see the failings. Sad.

    • drummerman says:

      The San Antonio Symphony has literally been struggling for decades. The current E.D. may, or may not, be “inept” but he is most definitely not the problem.

      The city of San Antonio can not support an $8 million orchestra, not now, not ever. There are not enough classical music lovers there to support 28 classical subscription concerts in a 1,700 seat hall. You can pay the musicians 10 cents or $10 million; that won’t change a thing.

  • David K. Nelson says:

    So basically, the powers-that-be said ‘you’re fired because you are competing against your own concert that we scheduled but have no plans to actually put on.’ That’s enough to make your head spin a little. I need Charles Dodgson to explain it.