Kyiv kids choir would like to teach the world to sing

Kyiv kids choir would like to teach the world to sing


norman lebrecht

April 08, 2022

The outstanding Shchedryk Children’s Choir of Kyiv needs your help.

Their 50th anniversary tour has been killed off by the war and there is a shortage of essentials for their upkeep.

The children are dispersed all over Kyiv. They cannot get together for rehearsals and their hall has been bimbed.

Listen to them and do what you can to help here.


  • Petros Linardos says:

    Way to go! That’s what kids should do, if they want to build skill – as opposed to being misled to believe they can sing “Nessun dorma” or “O mio babbino caro”.

  • Rustier spoon says:

    I wonder if we could maybe give these excellent children some proper respect and NOT call them a ‘kids’ choir but a ‘children’s’ choir as they are rightfully named. What a great job.

  • Henri says:

    They look pretty good for being in a war. How odd. No wonder the Conspiracy Theorists have a point.

  • LolaViola says:

    I once hosted two choir members on a tour to my town. Not only was I struck by their charm, vivacity, and passion for music, they were a reflection of the entire choir’s intense relationship with their music. These children were entrancing when they performed and an inspiration. It would be a miracle that allows them all to sing together again, if only this miracle could come to be.

  • Corno di Caccia says:

    An interesting read but, as with most outfits masquerading under the name of Kid’s, or children’s, choirs, it is, by the evidence of the picture, made up mainly of girls. Hardly equality in the organisation of the assembled ranks.

  • IP says:

    I am afraid Mr.P. has already prepared the missile marked “For the chorus kids”. But please Norman, do not publish this.

  • Corno di Caccia says:

    Shame that their hall was bimbed. This sounds like a Monty Python version of what’s happening in Ukraine.

  • Kenny says:

    We save human lives based on their talent? (And after they’ve been bimbed?)

  • Chavela says:

    La música puede aliviar el alma en estos tiempos de guerra, espero de corazón que persista este bello coro

  • DML says:

    Thankyou so much for alerting us to this wonderful choir. Quite stunning. And yet another reason to be horrified about the Ukraine situation. They have a number of videos on YouTube. Here’s one: