Indiana gets first woman dean

Indiana gets first woman dean


norman lebrecht

April 17, 2022

The Indiana University Jacobs School of Music has appointed Abra K. Bush of Peabody as its next dean, subject to board approval.

In her time at Baltimore, we are told, Bush ‘increased under-represented faculty by more than 65 percent (from 2017 to 2021).’


  • CA says:

    Makes it sound like increasing under-represented faculty is a one man (woman) job. It’s not decided singlehandedly…..or, at least, it didn’t used to be.

  • william osborne says:

    There are issues regarding women at IU’s school of music. I hope a woman dean will help change things.

  • Terence says:

    They’ll be coming for East Asians next … he’ll, they probably are already.

    The biggest number of piano and violin students are in China/Korea/Japan: does that make Caucasians an under-represented group?

    Where does this nonsense stop?

    • N/A says:

      What nonsense, Terence? Do explain. All I see in this article is that there is a new Dean at a music school. It doesn’t say anything about her being picked solely because she’s a woman.

      So, do share with us what you mean by ‘nonsense’.

      • innocent observation says:

        It DOES say that picking “underrepresented faculty” was one of the main reasons she was hired. So that does mean something.

  • Patrick says:

    “Under represented faculty” . Chilling words which don’t bode well.

    • TishaDoll says:

      ‘Under represented faculty’, exactly, what on earth does it ‘imply’ I.e. what ‘unspoken, implied’ nonsense

  • Gerry Feinsteen says:

    First of all, one no longer needs to be a woman to be the first woman anything. Get used to that. Take women’s sport for example: It’s over. Jockstraps have entered the locker room under a different name.