Exclusive: Boss of Russian National Orchestra is fired

Exclusive: Boss of Russian National Orchestra is fired


norman lebrecht

April 02, 2022

We hear that Svetlana Rips was relieved of her post today as chief executive of Mikhail Pletnev’s Russian National Orchestra.

Neither Pletnev nor his orchestra has yet been persuaded to issue the required patriotic statement in support of the Putin war in Ukraine.

These two statements are believed to be connected, say our sources in Russian orchestras.

Svetlana’s dismissal is being circulated on Russian social media.




  • Bone says:

    Could you imagine if Americans were required to submit declarations in support of the current drooler in chief or his idiot lackey?

    • Terence says:

      Unfortunately, I can imagine it.

      They’re coming for you Bone …

    • Sheila Novitz says:

      Why do you need to be so cruel, so vicious and hurtful?

    • Will says:

      Oh, Bone, go hang out with your insurrectionist friends and leave the rest of us alone!

    • Hugo Preuß says:

      Sorry, but your information is outdated. Obviously, you are referring to Putin’s Poodle. But he is no longer President, and his idiot lackey has gone home to mother. The current President has restored dignity to the White House and US leadership around the world. Get over it. Your side lost.

      • Peter says:


        Please tell me a little bit about the involvement of the Biden family in Ukraine.

        With Trump, there’d be no war. Trump would have travelled to Europe in January to talk to Putin. What did Joe Biden do? Zoom meeting in his basement, halfway falling to sleep.

        With a face mask.

    • MacroV says:

      Sorry, we voted those two out 18 months ago. Keep up, will you?

    • Dennis Pastrami says:

      I like you, Bone

    • True North says:

      Look at you, brave patriot, insulting your own wartime president who is standing up for your personal freedom to insult him.

    • NC says:

      Clearly you’ve forgotten 45. Loyalty pledges, or else. Remember?

    • Robert Holmen says:

      I can imagine that from the previous drooler-in-chief.

      He still thinks he’s President!

    • music lover says:

      Sore MAGA looser….talking about Cadet Bone spurs…Norman should introduce mandatory IQ over room temperature for commentators.

    • Greg Bottini says:

      I wish you would state your full name, “Bone”: Bonehead.

  • Andrey says:

    this is the worst comment section ever.