Daniel Barenboim: A medical bulletin

Daniel Barenboim: A medical bulletin


norman lebrecht

April 14, 2022

The Staatsoper Berlin have issued this statement after last night’s abandoned concert:

Daniel Barenboim is currently suffering from circulatory problems and is undergoing medical treatment for this. He is currently recovering, but as a precautionary measure his doctors have advised him to cancel his scheduled performances up to and including April 22, 2022.

For the Mozart-da-Ponte-Cyle during this year’s FESTTAGE Giuseppe Mentuccia will be stepping in for tonight’s COSÌ FAN TUTTE and LE NOZZE DI FIGARO on Saturday, 16th April. Thomas Guggeis will be conducting DON GIOVANNI on Sunday, April 17.

On Friday (April 15), Cecilia Bartoli will be accompanied by Marie-Ève Scarfone at the piano during her Lied recital


  • A.L. says:

    Wishing him a speedy recovery.

  • Emil says:

    Marie-Ève Scarfone is the former head coach at the Opéra de Montréal – I had no idea she had moved on to the same position at the Zürich opera. Great to see her accompany Bartoli, and yet another Québec artist with a great career. Wonderful news.

  • Una says:

    Poor man. I do hope he gets better very soon as it’s much harder when you are nearly 80 and things start to go wrong – which Danny will be this year.

  • Steve B says:

    Here’s to you making a comfortable and healthy recovery.

  • Anthony Sayer says:

    Has anyone made a tally of all the concerts Barenboim has played in his life, not to mention his conducted performances? It must be an incredible number.

  • Rick says:

    This man is a treasure. I hope he gets all the rest he needs and makes a full recovery.
    The world needs him and his profound musical insights.

  • Stéphane von Cron says:

    When one considers all the harm this great pianist but only mediocre to average conductor has done to so many fine artists in the past 50 years on professional and personal levels, it’s high time that he simply disappear.

    • Piano Lover says:

      …and o can your comment…

    • Johan VanLeer says:

      Don’t forget, he deserted his sick and dying wife !

      • Anita says:

        I was a caregiver to Jackie in the 70’s. He was abrupt and condescending to staff when coming to visit his wife. In the late 70’s or early 80’s, I attended a concert he conducted, and waited a long time after the concert with a large group of well-wishers, but he disappeared after the concert with not a trace! Karma can be a bitch.

      • Piano Lover says:

        SO what has THIS got to do with his talent even if it hurts us??

    • Alejandro says:

      Cuales daños hizo.??
      Su vida personal no me interesa, solo me interesa el artista y su obra, tanto profesional como humanitaria.

    • Sheila Novitz says:

      The harm done by Daniel Barenboim has been not only to “fine artists” but to fine human beings. It seems he has never been willing to learn the meaning of loyalty. Only his own ambition has mattered to him, it seems, and countless others have suffered on account of it.

    • Naomi says:

      Amazing artist a true human being mellow today as never before

  • Craig says:

    Swift recovery, maestro.

  • Piano Lover says:

    I am sure he received some 3 or 4 jabs of that “vaccination poison”.
    These side effects he has are obviously tied to that…
    A pity he went through that to be able to travel…

  • Luisa says:

    Very obviously Dannys bad state is a consequence of the vaccination.
    Even the mainstream media start now more and more to report on their side-effects….

  • William Evans says:

    “Circulatory problems” covers a multitude of issues, from relatively minor matters like cold & stiff hands & fingers to major episodes including heart attack or stroke. It’s hardly an informative press release at all.