A message from our subscriptions director

A message from our subscriptions director


norman lebrecht

April 13, 2022

Dear Readers,
I am writing to thank all our subscribers and all the contributors to our news feed for your continual input of information, support and feedback since 2008. As a result of your steadfast encouragement Slippedisc continues to  exceed  all previous readership figures  – we have reached three million views a month. So much has been going on to change our world – Covid, Brexit, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – along with our regular updates on which airlines allow a musician to fly with a cello, and how Pilates can help your playing. We also offer frequent first-night reviews and free streams of live performances.
We bring you breaking news, ahead of print media who often pick up our stories hours or days later. Our house style may be idiosyncratic but it is always based on careful checking and professional assessment.  We are grateful to many readers who notify us of news, events, policy changes and injustices in music and the arts.  Our aim is to reflect the music world back to itself, to its creators and its consumers.
We depend on advertising and subscriptions to sustain and keep improving the service we provide. On the eve of the spring holidays, please consider giving a subscription to Slippedisc to friends and family who may share your interests. We opened the subscription list a year ago and hundreds have signed up.
To join them, just click the subscribe button at the top righthand corner of your screen.
All good wishes for the holidays


  • prof says:

    It’s really the Classical Music News Site that the world deserves.

  • Player says:

    Now we know: this site’s fact checking is done by Madame Arcati!

  • Mr. X says:

    I’m a member of Lola’s B major club but will consider subscribing