Meet Jonas Kaufmann? That’ll be £5,000

Meet Jonas Kaufmann? That’ll be £5,000


norman lebrecht

March 10, 2022

We hear that Friends of Covent Garden are being discreetly invited to a first night reception with Jonas Kaufmann when he sings Cavalleria Rusticana and I Pagliacci in London in July.

Cost of a ticket? £5,000.

That’s around $6,500.


  • A.L. says:

    By god, why?

  • Bloom says:

    I imagine the bloody orgy they are putting up there. I mean, for all this money, it can t be just TALK!

  • MacroV says:

    If the money is going primarily to Covent Garden, why not? It’s called a fundraiser. They’re used in the performing arts since ticket revenues generally aren’t sufficient to cover costs.

  • Springbeg says:

    Hope the oligarchs enjoy themselves

  • Ernest says:


  • John Borstlap says:

    “Kaufmann” means merchant.

  • Cantantelirico says:

    That photo gives a whole new meaning to “ giving head”.

  • Colin says:

    £5,000 to shake hands with an opera star and a glass of wine. Waste of money!

    • Henry williams says:

      Does the money to to the charity or the
      Organisers ?

    • MuddyBoots says:

      The donation is to support the opera house. The meet-and-greet reception is the thank you to donors. Seriously, is this news to people, that opera houses do fundraising?

      • John Borstlap says:

        Indeed. There’s nothing wrong with stimulating donors to support a cultural institution. It compensates for the state support which is dependent upon political whims. As long as state support for culture is not written into the constitution, culture is dependent upon politics, sponsoring and donations.

    • Diane Valerie says:

      I would imagine that the proceeds are going to a worthy cause; otherwise it’s just an exercise for people who have exhausted all sensible ways of spending their money.

  • EbbaAnders says:

    What stupid and malicious comments here. All opera houses need money after Covid 19 and hold sponsor receptions after a premiere (not only with JK). The singers who have to attend are more likely to be used after all. Not to be envied after an exhausting performance.

  • MuddyBoots says:

    ‘Friends’ and ‘patrons’ at high donor levels are always ‘discretely invited’ to reception and dinner events adorned by some star singer. By opera companies all over the world. It’ s called fundraising. And this is news?

  • Pete Countryman says:

    Besser ein Reisse nach Berlin als eine Reisse nach Berlin lohnt sich !

    Better a trip to Berlin as a trip to Berlin is worth it !

  • zweito says:

    I was on queue to get on his signatures after a recital. Some people got dozens of CD paper covers and he signed all of them. When it was my turn, he duly signed a CD cover and a poster. Then he saw I got more posters with me but too timid to ask. Kaufmann gestured to me to hand them over and signed all of them.

  • Anathema says:

    I’m sure the bulk of it will get frittered into oblivion before the actual funds get used.

    Of course fundraising happens. But everyone knows that fundraising like this is basically a 5 percent margin over costs.

    And anyway, the likes of Kaufman and his fee wont be paid for by the opera House. The opera house will find a donor to pay for it.

    While thing is twisted, without the oligarchs I imagine they’re in paid over having to pay superstars.

    • Tiredofitall says:

      Stop the misinformation.

      “Of course fundraising happens. But everyone knows that fundraising like this is basically a 5 percent margin over costs.”

      Totally untrue.

  • Gordon says:

    What will this man sell next before he retires? I hardly recognise him.

  • Disappointed says:

    Twice have I paid a lot of money (Paris, Tosca and now London Pagliacci) only to see Kaufmann cancel . If I had 5,000 pounds perhaps I could finally see him. What a cheat!