Mariinsky charity is shut down

Mariinsky charity is shut down


norman lebrecht

March 13, 2022

The Observer reports that the Anglo-Russian Opera and Ballet Trust, founded by Valery Gergiev in 1992 and with Prince Charles as patron since 1999, has been summarily shut down without explanation.

The website has gone blank.

According to its stated purpose, the Anglo-Russian Opera and Ballet Trust engaged in ‘practical assistance for the Mariinsky theatre’s work in Russia with active promotion of its most innovative programming in the UK.’

Gergiev has been banned in most western countries for his role as Putin’s propagandist.


  • Musician says:

    Not a moment too soon. I am surprised that it was sponsoring Russian cultural propaganda through the wars in Chechnya, Georgia, Crimea and Syria, when Putin was pouring millions into top Russian music institutions and their artistic directors had salaries compared to top Western music institutions. The foundation could now rebrand itself to help musicians in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. Moldova is now in a desperate need of rebuilding its National Philharmonic which was burnt down during the pandemic.

  • waw says:

    Has Prince Charles denounced Gergiev?

    Just saying, we require that Gergiev denounce Putin.

  • Save the MET says:

    No explanation needed, it is very obvious as to why.

  • List of Maryiinski Theater Members from the website:
    Irma Gigolaty
    Yekaterina Latysheva
    Natalya Pavlova
    Tatiana Pavlovskaya
    Olga Pudova
    Oxana Shilova
    Antonina Vesenina
    Larisa Yudina
    Anna Kiknadze
    Olga Legkova
    Yulia Matochkina
    Yekaterina Sergeyeva
    Varvara Solovyova
    Irina Shishkova
    Alexander Fyodorov
    Andrei Ilyushnikov
    Dmitry Koleushko
    Dmitry Voropaev
    Grigory Chernetsov
    Badral Chuluunbaatar
    Vladimir Moroz
    Ilya Bannik
    Nikolai Kamensky
    Mikhail Kolelishvili
    Vadim Kravets
    Yuri Vorobiev

    The Mariinsky Orchestra
    Conductor: Timur Zangiev
    Concert director: Alexei Stepanyuk