Conductor flees Ukraine ‘with sick mother and dog’

Conductor flees Ukraine ‘with sick mother and dog’


norman lebrecht

March 18, 2022

The Ukrainian conductor Natalia Ponomarchuk has been telling Estonian media how she escaped from Odessa.

‘When we hid in the basement, with documents, I finally thought I had to deal with my mother and I couldn’t take anything else. I could only help my mother. She needs me, she walks badly. I had to consider her strength. I could take my mother, my dog ​​and nothing else at the same time. I just took the documents and my mother’s sweater so she wouldn’t get cold. The nights were cold.’

Ponomarchuk is conductor of the Dnieper Philharmonic Orchestra and the Ukrainian National Chamber Orchestra.

She needs engagements in exile.


  • Brettermeier says:

    It’s (or should be) “Odesa”, not “Odessa”.

    Ukrainian: Одеса
    Russian: Одесса

    “She needs engagements in exile.”

    Then maybe put it on Twitter.