Anna Netrebko: I will sing in Israel and Arab states

Anna Netrebko: I will sing in Israel and Arab states


norman lebrecht

March 28, 2022

The sanctioned Russian soprano is sharing some plans.

She says on Instagram: ‘Soon I will be back to work.. not really missing it, to be honest…, but in this few months I will visit places I have never been…’

Her new Monaco-based agent Maxim Berin told Russian media: ‘We have received invitations from Japan, from Asia, from Latin America. We are planning tours both in Israel and in Arab countries. Concerts are planned in Europe and of course in Russia. Everything according to plan.’


  • IP says:

    I am glad for her but she should know that Israel is full of people of refined taste in music.

    • Hazel Turze-Abbott says:

      Plus – her manager may book her for Israel, but that’s not the same as what sort of reception she will get, owing to her politics.

    • T.A. says:

      There are many russians in Israel and part of them even admire Putin. We don t know how many oligarchs are in Israel right now. it ll be interesting to see her public there

      • James says:

        Vanishingly few Israelis support Putin, certainly now. Most of the Russians there left Russia for a reason.

      • Simone K. says:

        Many of those you call “Russians” are, in fact, from the Ukraine.

      • WP says:

        Am I missing something here? Isn’t it the Americans who have propped up Isreal for decades? And now the govt. is pro Putin? Is this their idea of loyalty – or morality? (they’ve always been in short supply of the latter…)

        • Dave T says:

          The government is not pro Putin. In a free country a booking agent can book an artist if they so choose. They don’t need government approval.

          • Panther says:

            No, they are “neutral” which is the same thing, not blaming Russia and not imposing sanctions on anything/anyone connected to Russia. Which is odd and yes, imoral.

        • L says:

          Yes you are definitely missing something. Anyway what can you expect from a person who cant even spell “Israel”. Go grab a book…

    • sonicsinfonia says:

      Indeed, many of whom emigrated from Russia for reasons of politics.

    • David Barneby says:

      Singing opera is not just about music, it is theatre. Even in a concert performance Anna Netrebko is movingly dramatic, she is a thrillOMG performer .

    • Betsy says:

      What? She’s the greatest operatic soprano in the world! Most refined.

    • Harpist says:

      LoL. Harsh.

  • A.L. says:

    We are not missing her either. She is now going on a world tour of autocracies or near-autocracies and will profit accordingly. Dirty money in her pockets is about the only thing that matters to her. Well, that and her narcissism. Good riddance.

  • Alexander says:

    She is always a good girl 😉 Soprano No.1 these days on an international operatic stage .

  • Eric says:

    ‘Everything going according to plan.’ That phrase sounds incredibly familiar…

  • Music fan says:

    “Everything according to plan.” Isn’t that what Putin has been saying about his invasion of Ukraine?

    By all means, Anna, if you’re “not really missing” touring, then by all means cede the stage to those who yearn to perform before the public.

  • JS says:

    Berin isn’t her “new” manager, Berin – Iglesias agency has been organizing her tours for years.

  • Cantantelirico says:

    Take Placido with you.

  • Harry says:

    Israel does not want her

    • Maria says:

      Really? Whoever said it was compulsory to go? Stay at home if you don’t like her or her singing. If Israel didn’t want her, she wouldn’t be going, but they’ve booked her so let them get on with it.

    • Nosecretadmirer says:

      I want her.

    • Noam says:

      no not at all… -sold out- thousands of tickets, all pricy, within days. you’re at least uninformed

  • Dennis Pastrami says:

    APPALLING! Consider yourself cancelled, Mr. Netrebko.

  • Stephen says:

    Bye nit missing you either

  • Kjetil Kjersheim says:

    Beklager Anna, du har vært en av mine favoritter i mange år, men interessen slutter nå. Jeg kan ikke lytte på deg så lenge du støtter et regime som bedriver terror. Trodde du hadde lært noe etter så mange år i vestlige demokrati.

    • Tiredofitall says:

      Godt sagt.

    • Maria says:

      No idea what you’re saying. This is a British English speaking site, not Swedish!!

      • JS says:

        It is not Swedish but Danish. Translation: “Sorry Anna, you have been one of my favorites for many years, but the interest ends now. I can’t listen to you as long as you’re supporting a regime that’s engaging in terror. Thought you’d learned something after so many years in Western democracy.”

      • Diane Valerie says:

        It’s Danish! “This is a British English speaking site” – does this mean that Americans and other speakers of English are not allowed to comment?

        • V.Lind says:

          Nah, but we want the Yanks to put the “u” back in “colour” and learn the difference between “practice” and “practise.”

      • guest says:

        You are one entitled diva, @Maria. LOL. Like idol, like fan? People should be allowed to comment only in the language Maria understands. Online translators not working for you? It takes longer to type a petulant comment like yours than to copypaste @Kjetil Kjersheim’s message into one of the many online translators available. Come to think of it, Austria should revoke dear Anna’s citizenship because she can’t speak German, which is a requirement for any individual applying for Austrian citizenship. Dear Anna can’t speak German after fifteen years.

        • Anonymous Bosch says:

          There is a call among the Austrian public for the government to rescind her passport, as she cannot comply with one of the basics to obtain citizenship: The ability to speak German at least at the level of a ninth year student.

          • MuddyBoots says:

            AND, it is the general rule that Austrian citizens/passport holders cannot have dual citizenship, but Anna retains Russian citizenship. So there are 2 grounds to revoke her citizenship. How did she get exceptions to both rules of citizenship?

          • Kassis says:

            she pays a lot of taxes, that’s how!

  • John Kelly says:

    “Everything according to plan”. Just like the War……………..

  • Dubai for sure Tel Aviv maybe, but not for sure

  • michael Handelman says:

    Maybe she will pass her earnings to a Charity in order to assist Ukrainians Bury their loved ones! Or would Poutine have her poisoned?

  • Norabide Guziak says:

    The tolerant, liberal left is out in force again. For our benefit, of course.

    • Gary Allen says:

      Unlike Putin and other strong-arm rightists, liberalism works for the benefit of everybody. The Dude abides.

  • Fernando says:

    Great! Any campaign again culture is hirrible barbarism.

  • Fernando says:

    Horrible reading those I-love-Dictatorship readers.

    Must be banned to enter in any decent Culture-only theater!!!

    Stalin, Castro and Hitler woukd loved you

    I stand with Tschaikovsky, Chehov and Dostoievsky, politics very far away.

  • Kathleen King says:

    “Everything is going to plan”…WHERE did we hear that statement recently. Her voice is failing and she is getting fat so those “glamour” roles are a lot less available anyway. Interesting that she thinks she can hop between Israel and the Arabs. Let her sing wherever will hire her, but never again at the MET.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    I’ve had the feeling for some time now that Anna Netrebko is largely a has-been, just like Domingo. Trouble is I never thought she was up to much when she was ‘being’.

  • Katharina says:

    Bye bye

  • pvl says:

    Good for you, Anna!
    Way to go!
    And you have lots of fans in Israel.

  • Buck Hill Boy says:

    Everything according to plan? Same thing Putin said.

  • Maria says:

    All the best to her. Hope she doesn’t read all the hate mail on here.

  • oscar a rivero says:

    Wait you in Buenos Aires for your second visit,this time Tosca and a recital ,All our love! Don t kill russian art!.

  • So sad when artists delve into politics. It has happened here in the United States, resulting in the loss of popularity of several “celebrities” who would have done better keeping their political opinions to themselves. I am a fan of Netrebko, I think that she has a glorious voice, and her loss to the opera loving public is a major one.


    Obviously, she CANNOT see the writing on the wall. Such unmitigated gall!

  • Styliani Stella says:

    According to plan is everything indeed!

  • Mel says:

    Pity such talent belongs to a woman who supports the murder, rape and enslavement of innocent people by a ruthless dictator. By all means let her tour, and I hope her concerts don’t sell a single ticket.

  • Helen says:

    oh, freedom of opinion is over in the west society. Everyone says the same thing like a parrot.

    Anna Netrebko is an artist with a unique voice that is in fantastic shape. She remains one of the most great artists in the world. And she, unlike many here, has her own opinion and declares it.

    • Gary Allen says:

      Netrebko’s “own opinion” for decades has been that whatever Putin does is well-done. She contributed several hours worth of song-rubles to the repurposing of the Crimean opera house to a Russian opera house. The fact that you think Netrebko is “unique”, “fantastic” and “most great” casts into doubt your judgment on all things operatic.

  • Alexander T says:

    A non story if ever there was one.

  • Michael de lotto says:

    Shameless. VERDI would have her exiled!!

  • Sterling says:

    I hope you can sing La Traviata in Dubai wearing a burka. Israel, Dubai is not the Met, La Scala, Covent Garden or the greatest opera house in the “shit west” as you mentioned. We don’t miss you and you will never be a Callas, Southerland, Sills, Scotto
    Price, Nielsen, Caballe to name a few.

  • Gerry says:

    Good riddance from USA

  • Cara Cara Meravigliosa says:

    Could this mean that Parterre box will move its base of operations to the Middle East?

  • Jane says:

    Israel is a huge supporter of Ukraine. I’d think twice before going there, Ms Netrebko.

  • Manuela.G says:

    I don’t miss her at all! As mentioned by the famous conductor Maestro Welser-Möst, her vulgar behaviour, her not appearing to rehearsals, her nosy attitude, PLUS her double face moral in political issues made her loose her reputation. Both she and Gergiev passed the Red line , he said in his interview.
    I never had respect for her . This woman only likes herself and the dirty money smeared with blood. An Egoist.
    Managers think also about their own money. This is a fact.
    Besides all this, Netrebko’s Technique has degenerated. She has passed her zenith.
    She can now take her loud Mr. Netrebko, and go shout in the desert !

  • Günther says:

    Dear Mrs Netrebko, if you cannot see or recognise the suffering of these people and don’t have the guts to tell your friend in the kremlin to stop his henious acts, I feel sorry for you. Amen!&

  • Herby Neubacher says:

    Ich würde noch Bauchtanz anfügen. Fett genug dazu ist sie und schwache Stimme trifft Bauchnabel. Kommt bei den Arabs sicher gut an. An Putin erst mal testen schlage ich vor

  • Abba Ben Jaawov says:

    I Wii buy a ticket to see Anna Netreko in Israel. I hope I can afford it. She is my beloved Anna for many years.

  • Felicie says:

    I really hope she doesn’t come to Israel. She is not welcomed here.

    Also- if she’s going to perform at the Israel philharmonic hall, the square outside of it is where the big pro Ukrainian demonstrations are taking place. They will not let her sing without interruptions.

    She should go sing at the Bolshoi under her dear friend Gergiev.

  • Harpist says:

    Everything to plan? LoL, her career in Europe and the US is pretty much gone up in smoke by now. Great plan.

  • MuddyBoots says:

    She forgot to mention Syria. I’m sure Gergiev would join her for another concert to mark the war crimes the Russian military committed there.

  • Zvi says:

    There was already a scheduled date in Israel early in June (Israel Phil with Vasilii Petrenko) and was cancelled before the war in Ukraine. It was not on sale so no reason given. Instead we got Bocelli …