A pianist plays a Chopin farewell to her bombed house

A pianist plays a Chopin farewell to her bombed house


norman lebrecht

March 13, 2022

The Ukrainian pianist Karyna Manyukina was bombed out of her home a week ago in Bila Tserkva, near Kyiv.

This is her response.


  • Marcy Christoff says:

    I know there many more horrific and tragic scenes in Ukraine right now, but this broke my heart. Saying goodbye to her piano that is such a big part of her life, in her bombed out home in her bombed out city. Thankfully, her daughter was filming and her family is safe.❤

    • Chana says:

      I have been a pianist since age 9, and now at 62 I would die if something like that happened to me and my grand piano.

      The city she lives in…Bila Tserkva…is the one my grandfather was born in in 1892.

  • Denyse says:

    Contrast between the beauty of her playing and the destruction around her…Breaks my heart

  • Kirtley Brown says:

    The video of Iryna’s playing Chopin in the midst of war made me cry. Such beauty and courage! The world must provide help to Ukraine NOW! There are no excuses for inaction.

  • PRK says:

    “How with this rage shall beauty hold a plea, / Whose action is no stronger than a flower?”

  • Alan Bevis says:

    As a pianist myself, I am in tears over this but thanks be to our loving God that they are alive. She lives to play again on another piano in another place. Her music is in her fingers. God bless her.

  • Nina says:

    Well. She has a home, grand piano and even children. Do you know how many young women and children from Donbass were killed during these 8 years? There were musicians too. Nobody wants to know about this.