A French festival declares itself ‘So British’

A French festival declares itself ‘So British’


norman lebrecht

March 21, 2022

This may not go down well with the Anglophobe Emmanuel Macron in an election year, but the organisers of Le Festival Radio France Occitanie Montpellier would like us to know that they have minds of their own.

The slogan of their July festival is: So British.

Among the artists invited are Lucy Crowe, Barry Douglas, Gerald Finley, Benjamin Grosvenor, John Osborn, Gabriel Prokofiev and Duncan Ward.


  • Robert Silverman says:

    Occitanie doesn’t always consider itself French, either.

    • Orchestral Player says:

      Rubbish ….
      By the way, Macron is not Anglophobe . He speaks fluent English . He just despairs of the crazy clown who passes as Prime Minister and the disastrous Brexshit …. As does the rest of most of the world

      • Alan says:

        Give it up for goodness sake!

      • Allen says:

        “As does the rest of most of the world”

        These orchestral players really get around, don’t they?

        Or perhaps their “world” is just extremely small.

      • Wesley says:

        The “rest of most of the world” doesn’t give two hoots about Brexit; or France either, I should imagine. Well, apart from Ukraine; which as we all now know is rather upset about the French breaching EU law by supplying arms to Russia.

      • Sushil Joseph says:


      • Lovesagobshyte says:

        Your skewed opinion is somewhat bereft of any real substance. Now as far a disaster Brexit, there are millions of of British people who have chosen to prove to the other nations of the world that you don’t have to be in an expensive club to be a part of the world….

      • Thomas M. says:

        Exactly! BoJo is a clown and a fraud who hates common people. His comparison of the Ukraine war with Brexit was just the last straw.

  • Player says:

    What, #DespiteBrexit?? Lol.

    You would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

  • Hervé says:

    Macron anglophobe ? Vous sortez ça d’ où ??