Katharina Wagner loses Leipzig opera

Katharina Wagner loses Leipzig opera


norman lebrecht

February 08, 2022

Leipzig Oper has cancelled the Bayreuth chief’s upcoming production of Lohengrin, which was due to start rehearsals there yesterday.

The reason given by artistic director Ulf Schirmer for the abrupt withdrawal is ‘technical difficulties with the stage design.’

Ms Wagner is not at all pleased. ‘We were all very much looking forward to the completion of the new production that had already been rehearsed in Barcelona,’ she said.

The Barcelona staging has been put back to 2025.

Leipzig will perform Lohengrin next month in a substitute production by Patrick Bialdyga.


  • Frank says:

    These Wagner fraus always think they are so superior and entitled.

  • Leipziger says:

    My understanding is that Frau Wagner is the one who left Leipzig high and dry and is now forbidding the house from using the already completed set and 180 costumes. More upsetting to the Leipzigers by far.

  • Heinrich says:

    Very wise. After her awful Tristan at Bayreuth (not to mention her excruciating Meistersinger), I’m surprised anyone invites her to direct anything – anywhere.

  • frank says:

    I am traveling to Leipzig this summer for Lohengrin and would appreciate any information about Mr.Bialdyga and his Lohengrin production? I see he did a reduced version of Lohengrin in Leipzig recently. Thanks.

  • Gustavo says:

    Maybe it is just a matter of taste.

    Remember Haitink’s response to that Covent Garden Ring production?

  • Horst says:

    The talentfreie, entitled Urenkelin has done this several times to Oper Leipzig. Leipzig counts on Frau Wagner,spends immense amounts of money making sets and costumes and shortly before rehearsals are to begin she comes up with a completely fabricated excuse as to why she must pull out of the production,leaving the opera house high and dry and as mentioned before forbidding the house to use it’s own costumes! It happened several years ago where she pulled the exact same stunt ,cancelling shortly before she was to start work on Oper Leipzig’s Tannhäuser forcing the house to scramble to buy a Bieto Tannhäuser production last minute.Then she has the gall to slander the opera house,but the house doesn’t defend itself because it fears Katharina’s lawyers.Richard might have been an asshole but had the talent.Katharina is a vile human being living off the name,sadly without the talent.

    • Dongknow says:

      Seems that you might be from the house. Why do they want to perform all Wagner operas if he was an…..? Not much understanding. Destiny striking back?