Joyce DiDonato: The music industry is one of service, not stardom

Joyce DiDonato: The music industry is one of service, not stardom


norman lebrecht

February 24, 2022

The American counter-diva has come up with this brilliant quote in an FT interview on the eve of her Eden tour:

“The music industry is one of service, it’s not one of stardom,” she says. “You chose to get into this, you chose to do the work, you’re not owed anything from this industry, you’re there to serve.”

That is some epitaph.

Read on here.


  • TishaDoll says:

    Dear God. What will this girl come up with next.

  • Music Lover says:

    Behind a paywall.

  • TishaDoll says:

    She’s now ready for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s SUNSET BOULEVARD

  • Paul Dawson says:

    Brava! The paywall is not a barrier for me. She talks much sense in the article.

    Here’s an extract:

    “One of the reasons DiDonato has incorporated an educational element into Eden is her frustration at how schools and governments have allowed music to vanish from the curriculum. Performing is “confidence-building, it’s esteem-building, it’s team-building and it’s empowering to those kids that, especially after the last two years, haven’t had the chance to go out into the world and go, ‘Here I am!’””

  • John Borstlap says:

    The point is, how the word ‘service’is to be udnerstood. The classical music world is not a restaurant.

    In reality, the ‘music business’ is, in general, a world of commerce and prostitution. The very word ‘business’ says it all.

    Only when the idea that people working in the music world, will function best when they understand their function as serving a higher goal than merely making money and ego trippery, is more widely circulating, the art form may be preserved within a developing modernity.

  • Ceasar says:

    “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Norman Vincent Peale

  • Musician says:

    That’s a really lovely quote. So true?

  • Me says:

    She’s “serving” some really bad sounds on her new album..

  • Dawn says:

    Callas already beat her to it. You can hear it in her interviews all over Youtube. Didonato has only her name left and nothing new to say. Unfortunately this profession is in need of a serious shake and it won’t come from her or any of the Opera stars on this time.