A Crimean clarinet player is jailed for ‘terrorism’

A Crimean clarinet player is jailed for ‘terrorism’


norman lebrecht

February 13, 2022

The Southern District Military Court in Rostov, Russia, has jailed a 64 year-old clarinet player for 11 and a half years on charges of terrorism.

Zekirya Muratov, a Crimean Tatar in poor health, was accused of helping political prisoners under the Russian occupation.

The t-shirt he wore at his sentencing bears the slogan: ‘Dissidence is a crime in the Russian Federation’.

Report here.


  • Fred Funk says:

    Explaining the difference between dissonance, and dissidence to a viola player. That’s gonna take 12 years.

  • It does beg the question, “Why would the FSB try to recruit a clarinetist?” There must be more to this story than meets the eye.

    • Jean says:

      ”because of his civic position in support of political prisoners, – – because he refused to collaborate with the FSB by giving false testimony against other victims of persecution.”

      The answer was in the news story…

  • Barry Guerrero says:

    If they can jail one clarinetist, why not all the violists (just kidding!!!).