Ruth Leon recommends… The Family – Rijksmuseum

Ruth Leon recommends… The Family – Rijksmuseum

Ruth Leon recommends

norman lebrecht

February 24, 2022

The Family – Rijksmuseum
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During the lockdown, when the museums were closed, the Rijksmuseum  in Amsterdam set its curators the task of picking a favourite painting and making a video about it which they called Rijksmuseum From Home. These are little gems, displaying not only the details about a painting you might not be familiar with, but also the depth and breadth of knowledge of the people who usually see them every day and were deprived, as we all were, of access to those artifacts  that meant the most to them.

Josephina de Fouw is a curator at the Rijksmuseum, and a mother. When she was working from home, those two separate worlds came together. In this informal portrait of Aernout van Beeftingh and his wife and kids, the same thing is happening.

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  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    Why oh why does every podcast from the BBC; British Museum etc. etc. have to have god awful racket purporting to be background music drowning out what is being said? It’s always someone doodling on a piano playing the same notes over and over or someone sawing away on a cello or god forbid if they break out the marimba. Please stop.