Wandering composer dies in Greece, at 74

Wandering composer dies in Greece, at 74


norman lebrecht

January 12, 2022

The prolific composer Herman Rechberger was born in Linz, Austria, took Finnish citizenship in 1970 and died yesterday in Greece of an unknown cause.

His last completed work is titled ‘In the Garden of Death’. It is dedicated to all victims of Covid 19, but also to the people who have survived this plague of our time.’

Rechberger wrote five operas, three symphonies and innumerable works for the recorder.


  • John Borstlap says:

    That night music is frightening, it sounds like being surrounded by a hostile tribe in an African or Amazonian jungle, or in a Londonian or Parisian banlieu. Or like the sounds of a wokist conference. But at the end, some peace is made before the demons flee with a whizz.

    • Jean says:

      Frightening, maybe, but the most important is if the music can awake emotions on the listener, right ?

    • amazonian says:

      I believe, sir, as far as I know, that there are no known hostile tribes in the Amazon jungle.

      They usually welcome visitors with curiosity, good manners and a nice sense of hospitality.

      • Novagerio says:

        Amazonian: What Mr.Bitchslap is telling us, in his tedious estoteric sarcastic manner is, that only his own music is worth hearing.

  • Peter says:

    RIP and all but this is some awful music I’d never want to hear for more than 10 seconds. Why do people insist on continuing to write such nonsense? Awful stuff. Imagine liking this stuff and actually paying for it and going to hear it live in concert and sitting quietly, listening to it in a concert hall. Absolutely insane.

  • zw says:

    No matter what one thinks about the music, even if you happen to not like it and feel the need to tell everyone – would civilized people whose parents have taught them manners not come to the conclusion that the composer’s obituary, just a few days after his death, is not the proper time and place to vent their personal opinions (and that’s really all they are), especially in a manner as disgusting as we’ve seen above?