Thielemann cancels London

Thielemann cancels London


norman lebrecht

January 18, 2022

From the Royal Academy of Music:

Due to unforeseen circumstances Christian Thielemann is no longer conducting the following event: 


Christian Thielemann conducts the Academy Symphony Orchestra, Friday 21 January 1pm


We are pleased to announce that Andrew Gourlay will be conducting the same programme. However, if you would prefer a refund or credit note for this event, please contact the Academy’s Box Office 

photo: Benedikt Dinkhauser/Vienna Philharmonic


  • Nicholas says:

    I rather eat a bowl of razors than listen to his incredibly booooring performances! What an absolute charlatan. The Dude, Yannick, Thieleman…what a sad era of ‘great’ conductors. I can’t stand living in a world where people praise these guys. Mediocre at best. Shame…

    • 301268bmh says:

      Can you please explain exactly what it is that makes his performances so boring?

      • Nicholas says:

        Explain why I am bored listening to him?
        Kind of difficult besides the fact that I’m not feeling anything when listening to his performances, I find his readings to lack creativity and character. It feels like he is incapable of actually creating a performance l, beyond just sticking to the score. He’s very vanilla. Absolutely not daring at all. No chances taken. Boring. I prefer many others even in the repertoire he is known for, which is quite limited actually.
        Brahms Beethoven Strauss Wagner…some are better than others but all I’ve never wanted to listen to again. I’d rather listen to Mengelberg, Furtwangler, Walter, Bernstein, Abbado, Chailly, Maazel, Ormandy, Giulini, Kleiber, Stokowski, Rattle, Gardiner, Celibidache, Solti, Klemperer, Kubelik, Haitink, Szell, Harnoncourt, Boulez…and so many more conductors I’d rather hear over and over again than hear another Thielemann, Dudamel or Yannick performance. Shallow theatrics and nothing more.

        • Anon says:

          I think you made a mistake in your catalogue. Rattle and Gardiner are still alive.

        • 301268bmh says:

          Thank you for sharing your views. They once again demonstrate the mystery as to why one person’s music making can provoke wildly different reactions.

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      Here’s the salt and pepper.

    • Achim Mentzel says:

      I‘m here to serve you this bowl immediately.

  • Paul Johnson says:

    This morning, I was told that the forthcoming visit of the Philharmonia Orchestra to St David’s Hall in Cardiff on February 9th has been cancelled due to covid. Yet, events before then are going ahead. I smell a rat and suggest that it’s down to poor ticket sales.

  • Player says:

    Does anyone know what the “unforeseen circumstances” are?

  • Cornishman says:

    All I know is that Andrew Gourlay is an excellent stand-in. I’ve heard him conduct two concerts now as a last-minute replacement, both of them triumphs. Very reliable, but certainly NOT boring.

  • Nick2 says:

    I have no idea why Thielemann cancelled. As for his quality as a conductor, I have heard him with his Staatskapelle Dresden in a stunning concert of Wagner and Brahms. With the same orchestra in the Dresden Opera, I heard a Rosenkavalier that was superb. Perhaps his repertoire is limited, but in certain composers he is a very fine conductor.

    • Anthony Sayer says:

      …Perhaps his repertoire is limited, but in certain composers he is a very fine conductor…

      Sounds like Carlos Kleiber.

    • 301268bmh says:

      I bought his Bruckner 4th with the VPO on Sony. Lovely performance – probably best of the Bruckner series with the VPO so far.

  • Corno di Caccia says:

    The great Adrian Boult was often described as boring. Who has the right to decide. If you can’t do it yourself then don’t criticise!
    I have several DVDs of Thielemann conducting Bruckner symphonies and I cannot fault any of those performances.
    Personally, I think Covid has been used as an excuse not to do certain things for too long now, as folk abrogate their individual and collective responsibilities. The overloaded public litter bins on our streets bear testament to this.
    We need to get a grip, stop the excuses now and get on with life.

  • Player says:

    “Christian Thielemann is in close contact with people who have tested positive for Covid. A short quarantine period was recommended for safety reasons.”

    Hopefully, his visit will be re-arranged?