The Munich molester has finally run out of road

The Munich molester has finally run out of road


norman lebrecht

January 19, 2022

Munich’s former Academy of Music director, the pianist Siegfried Mauser, was sentenced in 2019 to two years and nine months in jail for a series of sexual offences against female colleagues.

Mauser, now 67, has managed to stay out of jail by moving to Salzburg on his Austrian passport and claiming ill-health. A Salzburg court has now found ‘there are no health reasons’ to keep him out of jail.

Mauser has until February 1 to find another legal loophole, or surrender his belt and shoelaces.



  • henry williams says:

    it has taken a long time. they should take
    his passports.

  • The View from America says:

    In this seemingly never-ending “cat & maus” saga, it appears the cat has finally won …

  • Karl says:

    He should count himself as lucky. If he had given women massages like Yat-Sen Chang he could have gotten 9 years. Can he appeal the verdict? That can take years. Cosby was finally freed after a brutal 6 year legal battle when it was ruled that he had been railroaded by prosecutors who used dirty illegal tactics. The same thing is happening in the Weinstein case. Men have to keep fighting for their rights or this age of rape hysteria will never end.

    • La plus belle voix says:

      Fact check: he was charged but not convicted of rape, and convicted of sexual coercion on more than one count.

      • Karla says:

        and the difference is …?

        • La plus belle voix says:

          Sexual coercion under Section 177 (5) of the German Criminal Code requires that the victim was forced to behave against her will. Means of coercion are threat, force or the exploitation of a protective situation.

          In order for sexual coercion to apply under the Criminal Code, the perpetrator must act intentionally, i.e. be aware of his act. Thus, it always depends on the respective circumstances of the crime. If there is circumstantial evidence against the lack of knowledge, the perpetrator’s statement might be considered a protective claim. Statements according to which, for example, the violence was desired, are often insufficient defense strategies in practice.

          In the case of rape according to Section 177, Paragraph 6, No. 1 of the German Criminal Code, it relates to the above basic offenses but with an increased range of punishment. It includes not only forced coitus, but also sexual contact of a similar nature that is particularly humiliating to the victim, especially if it involves physical penetration, including oral or anal.

          Legally, sexual intercourse is implemented with vaginal penetration of the male member into the female vaginal vestibule. However, objects or other parts of the body are also suitable as means of committing the crime. If the victim is degraded to an object by the perpetrator in a special form, this is expressed precisely in the manner of the sexual act.

          Well, you did ask.

      • Under Germany’s new laws, he would have been convicted of rape. He committed his crimes shortly before the new law took effect and thus had to be tried under their rule. They old law stipulated that women had to put up a fight or it wasn’t rape. This law has since been changed due to the obvious reason that women are often not able to fight or vociferously resist before they are raped.

      • Karl says:

        Coercion should not be a crime. It’s ridiculous. People need to stand up for themselves and stop whining when they regret a choice they made. It’s important to stand up to this because many of these sex crime cases sound like regret as sexual assault. That puts almost every man in danger of being falsely charged.

        • David B says:

          Well well….I can’t wait for the day when criminals blackmail, coerce, and drain you of all your little wealth and privileges you have, and then to hear you still stand your ground and say “well, coercion is not a crime, I was too weak to withstand their pressure! I chose to give them my money and everything I have. They are not criminals!”

          On second thought, maybe just go get therapy now.

          • Karl says:

            And I can’t wait for the day when you are accused of rape when someone has regret David. I don’t let myself be coerced into something I don’t want to do. Just recently I had a supervisor at work order me to do something unethical. I didn’t do it even when she threatened to have me fired. I kept complaining up the chain and she was finally demoted and then she retired.

        • The View from America says:

          Just wait until you’re “coerced.” It isn’t exactly a fun experience.

          Then you’ll want the law on your side to achieve the same conviction that ol’ Mauser received.

      • I should explain that more clearly. In 2016 German laws were rewritten to remove a previous requirement that a victim physically resist their assailants and be overcome by force. The new law recognized any physical or verbal cue that one party does not consent to sexual contact. In short, no means no, whether one physically resists or not.

        • Karl says:

          “The new law recognized any physical or verbal cue that one party does not consent to sexual contact.” In other words – a man must read a woman’s mind. What’s wrong with a no means no law? Why is it so hard for some people to say no?

    • ‘Gotten’ why not try ‘got’….it’s shorter and correct grammar.

      • La plus belle voix says:

        Well, “gotten” as an English word was in use in England at the time America was colonized by the English. You find it in the King James version of the Bible, and because Americans continued to use it, and the English not, we agree to differ today. Both are correct. It comes from the Middle English “getten”.

      • Billy says:

        “He could have got 9 years”? Maybe where you live that sounds correct, but not where I live.

    • Marcio says:

      6 ups and 48 downs… Gad,whatabunch of miserable castratti have we “men”(?) become…what a lousy comedown…them raving resentmentclad harridans of all ages até having the time of their little meaningless livres.And Karl here sees/says the obvious and folks start throwing sticks and stones at him.Lousy bstrds.