Opera covers of 2022

Opera covers of 2022


norman lebrecht

January 04, 2022

The January 2022 cover of Opera News, published by the Metropolitan Opera Guild in New York, is J’Nai Bridges.

The January cover of Opera Now, published in London, is Pretty Yende.

J’Nai Bridges says:
It is not an ordinary day when you wake up to being on the cover of a magazine that inspires and encourages not only me, but the global opera industry and beyond!

Thank you Opera News for capturing all that is me. I am excited for what is to come and grateful for what has brought me thus far. I have worked hard and will continue to honor my commitment , but I must give thanks to everyone and everything that has supported me on my journey. My face is featured on this cover, and what is also present but not seen is the village of love making this cover possible.
2022 I am so ready for you.

Pretty Yende says:
My first Monday on the New Year 2022 and I can’t be more grateful and so delighted to welcome this Brand New Year with the honor of gracing the cover of @operanowmagazine for this month of January 2022. Be sure to get your copy and read all about the #prettyjourney so far and what’s to come and more especially about my debut here in @lesartsvalencia Valencia Spain 🇪🇸 in Offenbach’s Les Contes D’Hoffmann performing all the female heroines.


  • dalet says:

    Hear Pretty Yende’s New Years concert in Venice (on arte), her singing is anything but. Pitch problems throughout. Sooo relieved she made it through Italian borders without being strip searched.

    • Empty Hype says:

      She was “strip searched” like I’m the Queen of England. She will push any hype button in sight if it gives her a few more sets of eyes for her, gag, “prettyjourney”….

  • Golaud says:

    “It is not an ordinary day when you wake up to being on the cover of a magazine that inspires and encourages not only me, but the global opera industry and beyond!”
    Eric Owens alone had a cover in 2012 and 2019…

    Can we please dial this “opera woke” back a bit please?

  • Larry says:

    Isn’t the London magazine called “Opera Now?” (Not Opera “News.”)

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    Pretty Yende is on the cover of “Opera Now” not News.
    Note to our foreign readers, HM Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of Britain i.e. England, Scotland, Wales and northern Ireland NOT just the Queen of England and also the Commonwealth.

    • Tiredofitall says:

      And Prince Andrew, Duke of York, is accused of sexual assault involving minor girls in the US.

      So what’s your point, other than being anti-American?

      • V. Lind says:

        It’s known as getting the facts right. As in, Great Britain, AKA the United Kingdom, is composed of FOUR countries, not just one.

    • Alek says:

      I think HM Elizabeth II is the Queen of the UK, not only Britain because Northern Ireland isn’t on Britain (island).

  • Tiredofitall says:

    Gorgeous photo of a very talented and attractive singer.

    Who knew Opera News was still published? I haven’t actually seen a copy in years. Isn’t it more of an in-house perk for Met donors?

  • Jackie says:

    J’Nai is actually gracing the cover of the February issue not January.

    • Enquirer says:

      Yes, it seems that Christian van Horn is on the cover of the January issue. But he may not be click-bait-worthy.

    • V. Lind says:

      I have never noticed a story on SD before about the coves of these magazines. Why are these ones newsworthy? Just fitting with the theme of many of today’s stories.

  • Stuart says:

    global opera industry and beyond!

    Beyond where? Have we seen plans for an opera house on the Moon or on Mars? I guess Bezos or Musk could get her there. The Moon Opera House could be inaugurated with a bit of Haydn or Janacek… Just a bit of fun…