Oksana Lyniv: I don’t want quotas for women conductors

Oksana Lyniv: I don’t want quotas for women conductors


norman lebrecht

January 06, 2022

The first female music director of an Italian opera house has spoken out against reverse discrimination for women conductors.

Oksana tells Corriere della Sera:

‘At masterclasses I was told… you will never be as successful as us men. Male directors and teachers. I was alone, there was no way to get advice and compare with a colleague. One day I said to myself: it doesn’t matter if you don’t go far, do what you love and be yourself. Now I see many women in orchestras, it doesn’t matter if the first violin is a man or a woman…

‘I am against women’s quotas: quality must be what counts. We women can only be successful through healthy competition….

‘Today out of 100 directors 3 are women, soon we will be more.’

Full interview here.


  • Greek men are real men! says:

    Good on her. Common sense in this day and age? Who would have thunk it?

    • John Borstlap says:

      It’s because she keeps playing the Wagner tuba in her free time, as her shirt indicates. Indeed it is well-known how calming that is and the world appears then in its real perspective.

  • Paul Dawson says:

    Splendid statement. A breath of fresh air to start my day.

  • Anonymous says:

    Let this be a lesson to the woke whiners who constantly make excuses for their performance using the sometimes real (but also sometimes imagined – I’ve seen this happen first-hand) race, ethnicity, sexuality and gender biases to dictate who you are. No one can dictate who you are unless you let them.

    Let me also be clear: there are no excuses for bad behavior. While traveling I’ve been ethnically discriminated against, so I have at least some shared understanding. The world is full of injustice to people of all kinds. We could and should do better. But in the meantime, only you can decide how to handle it.

    Yet why does it always seem that the weakest are the ones making excuses and lacking accountability for where they are. Take note Marin Alsop, Brandon Keith Brown, Jennifer Higdon, and the rest of the woke intelligentsia. Focus on your craft and leave the race and gender equality baiting for CNN and MSNBC.

  • Gustavo says:

    Yes, competitors from the same sex are a pain in the neck.

  • Janis says:

    People must understand that being a “diversity hire” is just another burden they will eventually have to overcome.

    Do these artists a favor: give them a fair shot and let them rise or fall on their own merit.

  • M McAlpine says:

    Good on the lady! The only criteria should be ability – and opportunity!

  • Yes, I too am against quotas and think only quality should count. That’s why I’m against an almost 100% quota for male conductors. It dumbs down the whole profession.

    • John Borstlap says:

      Yes that’s true! Look, why is that stuffy music getting so boring all the time? Because it’s men all around. What do they know of life, of getting pregnant, of weeping, of being suppressed and suffering?!