Mariinsky principal horn is arrested for child sex offence

Mariinsky principal horn is arrested for child sex offence


norman lebrecht

January 29, 2022

Russian media have reported the arrest of Anatoly Chepkov, principal horn of the Mariinsky orchestra, on a suspicion of sexual assault against a child. Chepkov, 73, denies the offence.

The child is said to be a member of his family.

Chepkov has been principal horn of the theatre since 1978. It appears he left the roster this month.

Details here.


  • Henry williams says:

    This abuse never ends

  • Michael McGrath says:

    Dare I say it? Innocent til proven guilty, even if reported in RIA NOVOSTI.

  • Simpson says:

    You should be very cautious reprinting reports of such accusations from Russia. Such cases there are often based on false accusations, but the “judicial” system is so flawed that it grinds almost everyone who has the misfortune to get dragged in it. The accused of such crimes are almost never acquitted no matter what, evidence or lack thereof are disregarded and it is a terrible, huge problem there.

  • Kyle A Wiedmeyer says:

    Made me think of Mikhail Pletnev who, in 2010, was arrested in Thailand for the same offense, but was ultimately let off a few months later.