London agency puts on recital series for its artists

London agency puts on recital series for its artists


norman lebrecht

January 26, 2022

Arts management agency HarrisonParrott has linked up with the Church of St Martin-in-the-Fields to present HP Futures, a recital series of new artists.

First up are debuts for the Israeli pianist Yoav Levanon (pic) and Venezuelan male soprano Samuel Mariño.

Next are Sean Shibe, Lise de la Salle and 15 year-old British-Chinese violinist Leia Zhu.

Details here.


  • Frank says:

    Agents are there to get their clients work by any means possible – this is just one example of it in the new normal.

  • Jonathan Sutherland says:

    Presumably these are all artists no concert promoter wants to hire.

  • Leopold says:

    After I heard Yoav Levanon in an interview I decided to never go to one of his concerts. Arrogance at this level at his age shouldn’t be rewarded.

    • Jonathan Sutherland says:

      Leopold is absolutely right.
      This provocatively androgynous, hirsute munchkin once stated “I am already a great pianist” without a shred of significant concert experience or piano competition succeses.
      His earlier kiddie-pianist circus-act appearances can not be taken considered seriously.
      Undoubtedly his father’s significant bounty of shekels will ensure some kind of career.
      When the hot tongs start to cool and the bouffant droops, it is all rather like a pianistic version of Florence Foster Jenkins.
      Big money but very small talent.

    • Micaela Bonetti says:

      100% d’accord avec vous.
      But, mind you, I did listen to his playing.
      Last time, for me.

  • Achim Mentzel says:

    The problem is that commenting on this platform here changes nothing, absolutely nothing. Levanon’s aged, semi-labile agent is driving his own agenda in his pathetic last professional atences, which he can only afford because he is a silverback among the dying gorillas. He burns young talents and raises others to be such arrogant children like this pal, teaching them who to lick the ass of and who to treat like dirt in the same breath (best example is Mäkelä). His business practices are disgusting.

  • so called German “agents” have been putting on concert series forever. In fact, it is quite the norm to do so.