Just in: Vienna Philharmonic cancels Gergiev tour

Just in: Vienna Philharmonic cancels Gergiev tour


norman lebrecht

January 22, 2022

Message received:


Due to the high and steadily increasing number of Covid-19 cases in the orchestra, we are unfortunately forced to cancel part of the concert tour with Valery Gergiev and Denis Matsuev. This affects concerts in Cologne (January 24), Hamburg (January 25) and Paris (January 26).

… We assume that we will be able to play all other concerts in Vienna, elsewhere in Europe and in the USA from February 18th as planned.

Wien, am 22. Jänner 2022

“Auf Grund der hohen und stetig anwachsenden Covid-19 Fallzahlen im Orchester sehen wir uns leider gezwungen, einen Teil der Konzerttournee mit Valery Gergiev und Denis Matsuev abzusagen.
Es betrifft die Konzerte in Köln (24. Jänner), Hamburg (25. Jänner) und Paris (26. Jänner).
Glücklicherweise wurde das Wiener Konzert mit demselben Programm (Sergej Rachmaninow: Konzert für Klavier Nr. 2 in c-Moll, op. 18 und Symphonie Nr. 2 in e-Moll, op. 27) von ORF III für eine Fernsehausstrahlung  aufgezeichnet. Das Datum geben wir zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt bekannt.
Wir gehen davon aus, dass wir alle Konzerte ab 18. Februar in Wien, im europäischen Ausland und in den USA wie geplant spielen können”, so der Vorstand der Wiener Philharmoniker, Daniel Froschauer.


  • Hans says:

    Matsuev—the world’s worst pianist. I pity anyone who is forced to hear this clown play.

    • Herr Doktor says:

      Sorry, but you won’t get my vote of support. I’ve heard some wonderful performances from Denis Matsuev and some not so wonderful ones as well. He’s got incredible technique and is capable of outstanding performances in certain repertoire. Matsuev doesn’t reach the level of being a great pianist a la Argerich, Zimerman, Kissin, Ohlsson, Hamelin, Gerstein, etc., but there’s no crime in that. I’d rather hear Matsuev than some rather boring pianists that so many people seem to like–who I believe at the end of the day are popular because they’re fine people and/or attractive as much as anything else (cough cough, LOA, SAS, etc.). I suspect Matsuev’s politics play a part in why some don’t like him. I’m not a fan of his politics, but it’s wrong to deny there’s a real pianist there who at times more than delivers the goods (and not so much at other times).

      • Hans says:

        At least I can wholeheartedly agree with you regarding LOA 🙂

      • Mark Mortimer says:

        I quite agree with Herr Doktor- Matsuev is an erratic pianist- sometimes great (no one would dispute his phenomenal technical ability surely?) sometimes off key. To call him a ‘Clown’ is imbecilic- not a word you’d ever associate with any Classical concert pianist- particularly in our times.

  • Richard Cheese says:

    Damn, did they not take the 100% effective vaccine?

  • Peter says:

    It will be good when Austria enforces mandatory vaccination from February 1st. Then this won’t happen again *irony*

    • poyu says:

      Totally unrelated silly comments got so many likes? I thought any sensible people who read proper information source would know the main goal of vaccine now is to prevent severe illness and hospital burden?

  • Lindsay says:

    Nothing to do with a possibly immanent invasion of Ukraine by a friend of his?