Just in: Anna Netrebko calls time out for treatment

Just in: Anna Netrebko calls time out for treatment


norman lebrecht

January 13, 2022

The diva has posted:

While this World continues to play tricks with people I decided to take care of my health and well-being! I bin working very hard for many years and I deserve to be kind to myself! Enough quarantine, tests, vaccines, travels, restrictions 🙄 … Making music in this conditions is not bringing me any joy anymore….I go to nice place and hope to feel better and happier.❤️ ПОКА ЭТОТ МИР ПРОДОЛЖАЕТ КУРОЛЕСИТЬ над людьми- я решила заняться своим здоровьем! Я работала много лет не щадя здоровья и энергии и теперь настало время восполнить силы ! Я это заслужила💪 Уединяюсь в прекрасном месте, где меня «приведут в порядок « 🤣 ( без похудений и косметологии ☝️ ) Надеюсь, скоро заряжусь новой энергией на радость всем ❤️ ( буду рапортовать, если интересно)


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While her English is not entirely lucid, the Russian message contains the following: ‘I retire to a wonderful place where I will be “put in order” 🤣 (without weight loss and cosmetology ☝️) I hope that I will soon be recharged with new energy to the delight of everyone.’




  • John says:

    Mr. Lebrecht, I figure that you’re a serious journalist. Maybe you saw, maybe not, that tenor Joshua Guerrero cancelled “Manon” in Paris. He felt very unwell during performance of La boheme on 30 December at Teatro Real in Madrid. It is known it was a coronavirus outbreak, and that literally everyone got sick.
    This doesn’t belong to Netrebko story. But it deserves a story.

    • Doktor Tonreihe says:

      Vaccines or no vaccines, everyone is going to catch Covid. Recurrent infections thereafter will almost always be asymtomatic or mild, once you have T cell memory from past infection. I.e. it becomes like a common cold but only once already exposed.

      Point is that the potentially foolish consequence of performing arts lockdowns is that it may be musicians who are among the remaining largest groups of sitting ducks for getting 1st-time infections in “outbreaks” as you describe. But that these infections will happen is of no surprise or scandal whatsoever. Moreover, attempting to prevent them would be both perverse and futile.

      • John says:

        First off, you are speculating about the development of the long-term protection this is still the mystery for epidemiology heavyweights. Second, we’re talking about confirmed outbreak with over 60 artists at the Teatro Real, at least per El Diario sources.
        Some are having real trouble to recover. Maybe you could show some empathy for them? Nobody is suggesting a lockdown for culture, but if things really go the wrong way to wait, and not run into a confirmed outbreak that can still hurt many vulnerable.

        • Tamino says:

          A bit hysterical? „some are having real trouble to recover“?
          Who exactly?
          And as you wrote this, it is day 14 after a possible transmission of the virus for them. Well within a normal recovery period.
          What‘s up with the psychotical mass-phobia of people about this disease, particularly in times of the harmless omikron variant?

        • EricB says:

          Please stop the “fear agenda”.
          It would be interesting to know how many of these “contaminated” artists (or non-artists) are fully “vaccinated” or not, so as to show the world the full inefficcacy and toxicity of these poisonous injections.
          And you’re accusing others of “speculating about the development of the long-term protection (of natural infection)” ? Talk about the speculations of the corrupt about the “protection supposedly conferred by these “vaccines””, which the serious epidemiologist agree to be far lower than promised by the pharma industry.
          Yes, probably “some are having trouble to recover”, because their immune system HAS BEEN affected by these shots, and not by the virus itself. When will people finally open their eyes to the coming catastrophy ?

          • EricB says:

            11 thumbs down ?
            Oh well, the dam is crumbling down and Fauci is on the grill. Maybe the last of you will finally understand the whole circus. Or not.

  • IP says:

    Uncharacteristically, she does not provide explicit detail on the presence of Mr. YE in the wonderful place and his role in the rejuvenating process. Not at all like her.

    • LN says:

      Yusif is in Barcelona rehearsing for the “Pique Dame”. Anna went to this clinic (or sanatorium or whatever you want to call it) only with her sister.

  • DG says:

    I’ll say this for Anna, she doesn’t have a PR lackey writing her social media posts!

  • Cynical Bystander says:

    So, not for her performing in houses where she and everyone else is being tested daily to make sure they are ‘safe’. Or singing to half empty auditoriums. Or not singing at all because someone has tested positive. Or just not able to any more sing the repertory her public craves.

    She is probably wise to take time out but given the way things are going the time out might be longer than suits her and many others whose only outlet is to interact with a public that increasingly might not be there. The ‘Arts’ are ultimately expendable. All well and good for them to be made available but as the MET and VSO are finding out if the audience doesn’t turn up then eventually neither will the money nor the artists.

    A work from home, eat at home, view from home society is hardly one that encourages either artist or audience. Still, we can still stream AN’s and other’s performances in the vague hope that should the opportunity to see them live, pandemic permitting, ever occur again, they might still be around to appear on a stage that has not yet closed down for ever.

  • Harry Dahlsjo says:

    Maybe it has finally dawned on her that her voice is in tatters.

    • Opera Passion says:

      Bullshit. She can fill any house she wants regardless of what you, a nobody, thinks of her voice.

      The reality is that performers during this time are abused, mistreated, subjected to more tests than porn stars, reduced fees, sacrificing their health, subject to schedule and last minute cast changes due to covid carrying cast mates, lack of compensation, restrictions, masks in rehearsals, no compensation for covid related cancellations, travel nightmare stress and anxiety. On top of regular demands of being a singer, everything you do is now online for anyone to view for free and openly and publicly trash.

      Why continue if it doesn’t bring one joy. I am 100% in agreement with Ms. Netrebko.

      • guest says:

        Agree it’s a hard time for singers. For the rest, you confuse popularity with excellence. What fills large venues is what appeals to a large population. What appeals to a large population is inevitably the lowest common denominator. Go to any online video platform, preferably Youtube, and see for yourself what kind of videos get the most clicks: Contests about how much pizza you can stuff in yourself in 30 secs, farting contests, cute animals doing one trick or other, the last revisionist history flick on Netflix, and so on. This is the taste of the multitudes filling houses, real or virtual, regardless what you, also a nobody (as is pretty much everyone else here), think of the refined taste of the people filling large opera houses. The average operagoer doesn’t understand what’s being sung on stage, their criterion of excellence for operatic voices are pop voices, don’t know when a singer is off pitch or transposes down, and wouldn’t recognize the voice of their beloved singer without the visual image attached, or the name of the singer in caps in the video title, preferably prefaced by the superlative “greatest” or “awesome”. Netrebko’s voice, and her taste, were both borderline in tatters before Covid, now it’s worse. Other people are allowed to have opinions too, not only yourself, but the difference between other people and yourself is that other people don’t label everything that doesn’t fit their personal preference as “bullshit.” And while you are at it, look up the word “trash” too, it isn’t synonym to “bash”, even if “bash” rhymes with “trash”. Fanning posts are every bit as trashy, read garbage, read worthless, as bashing posts. Not saying that yours is. Harry’s wasn’t either, but for the true believer, every post that isn’t unconditional surrender to the charms of their idol, real or imagined, is anathema.

        And take a break from using the word “abused.” Most abused word in print, pun intended. Look it up in the lexicon if you don’t now what it means. Nobody is abusing opera singers with the exception of certain stage directors.

      • Tristan says:

        Macbeth at La Scala wasn’t great at all!

      • Harry Dahlsjo says:

        Judging from your puerile rant to what was a mere statement of fact, I assume that you are one of those rabid fans who have constructed a parasocial relationship with their A.N. and feel duty bound to insult and denigrate (poorly, I might add) anyone who holds a different opinion of your beloved. You lot are akin to strident Callas fans with one huge exception, Callas could actually sing, in tune (AN has never sung in tune…ever), was not sloppy or musically inert and didn’t foist her love interests onto the opera stage.

    • Maria says:

      Many voices are in tatters with nowhere to perform.

  • David A. Boxwell says:

    Anna is totally inspirational! As for me, I am taking a well-deserved “timeout” from this joyless season to get the lap band procedure and additional cosmetic surgery. Results will posted on social media soon!

  • Una says:

    Yes, I sympathise and donr blame her. Life has changed and perople have changed. If not, a missed opportunity to take stock of life. Her point about all rhe protocols of mask wearing, quarantine, and different rules in different countries, and the likes, plus the difficulties of foreign travel, and then getting up to sing after all that, has worn people out and aken away the joy. And I for one – like many others have done, am glad to have called it a day and was retorting anyhow. I do not envy the younger generation of singers making thelr way with endless enthusiasm. Life is too short and even going to concerts in England where we have bitten the bullet with 58 million, not 5 million, and had far fewer restrictions since last July, I find the whole experience of going has certainly become joyless as well as all the hoop-jumping to get in, and then everyone shut behind a mask.

  • Manny_Balestrero says:

    She’s rich & famous, doesn’t need to expose herself to fake tests, fake vaccines that don’t stop infection or transmissions and come with a high risk of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes. Not to mention the thankless, exhausting travel schedules. Are you aware that Pfizer’s trying to hide the ingredients of the injections for 75 years? Have any of you “trust the science” clowns asked yourselves why? HAVE YOU? https://www.uspresidentialelectionnews.com/2021/12/forget-55-years-fda-now-says-will-take-75-years-to-release-pfizer-covid-vaccine-data/

  • Save the MET says:

    So she is breaking contracts for the spa.