Il Divo replaces tragic Carlos

Il Divo replaces tragic Carlos


norman lebrecht

January 10, 2022

The Mexican-American baritone Steven LaBrie has been called in by the singing group Il Divo to replace the late Carlos Marin on their upcoming US tour.

The show goes on, starting February 2.

Carlos died of Covid on December 19, aged 53.


  • Bob says:

    Why report on these men? This is still a classical music site, right? Couldn’t care less about this.
    Andre Rieu, Clayderman, Kenny G…nonsense.
    Yes, they move on fast. It’s not like they are great musicians, bound a long time friendship, who made it. They are a creation of the industry, akin to any boy band ever since the 80’s. Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Il Vivo…heartless, corporate products for the masses.

    • Brian says:

      Steven Labrie is a legitimate operatic baritone who has been singing with moderate success for a number of years and who is still very young. You might not like that he is singing with Il Divo, but the guy does have talent.

      • Anji says:

        Hi Brian as a big fan of il divo who I’m pleased that they have a replacement for Carlos no one can take his singing away from him and like Adam Lambert he has taken over from Freddie mercury but not a bit like Freddie but h e has fitted in with a different voice good luck Steven Laurie I am big gas of queen and I’m. a big
        fan of il Divo

    • LoTW says:

      What a load of tosh You talk

    • Sonja Hammond says:

      Wow you sound quite bitter . I accept Simon Cowell brought them together but you cannot deny they all have tremendous voices and I had the pleasure of seeing them live and it was amazing . Their voices are their livelihood and their gift . To undermine their talent is unfair

    • Kazzy says:

      And nobody cares about a heartless,ignorant pig like u ,away u go and listen to nusery ryhmes,that’s if u can understand them

    • Billy says:

      Show a little compassion you pleb

    • Kathleen Wood says:

      Bob, why be so nasty and mean spirited? You are not the first lover of classical music that I have encountered who comes across as an intolerant snob. I enjoy classical music too, but there are many other music genres that are equally enjoyable and have many followers.
      Carlos Marin was a wonderful talent with a beautiful baritone voice. His death at 53 is a tragedy, not only for himself, but also for his family, friends and fans all over the world. All of the singers in Il Divo have beautiful voices and my sister and I had an unforgettable evening at one of their concerts at the Sydney Opera House, Australia, several years ago. Nasty comments are unfair and unnecessary. You only show yourself for the unpleasant person that you are.

    • Denise says:

      Yet here you are

    • Annette says:

      Bob the sobre. Some joy in your life?

    • Carole Gamble says:

      Trying to impress yourself? You aren’t doing it for anyone else. Beautiful music and voices are just that, Beautiful. Lighten up.

    • Biff says:

      You are a “Richard”

    • Sharon says:

      So Bob, what is your musical talent that makes you so special and perfect? Folks like you with such distasteful comments get my panties in a wad. Have you looked up the bios on each of these performers? Perhaps you’ll rethink what you said here after doing so. I’ve seen il Divo in person and they are very talented and gifted.

    • Julia says:

      I suggest you research Carlos’s musical career history! Corporate products for the masses indeed – ignorance is not always bliss – just ignorance!

    • Lisa says:

      By dissing their music you just dissed a large fan base who love their music. Arrogance is never becoming … or perhaps you are a highly trained and educated expert which is supportive of your comment?

    • Katie says:

      wait until you have suffered such a loss and then see what you think. Life has to go on whether we like it or not.

    • Kee says:

      Your real bitter – Il Divo was and is a wonderful group – They will keep signing to their multi- millions of fans.

    • LauriTheWiz says:

      Dude! They are all (apart from the French singer) had solid classical singing careers when Simon Cowell pulled them all together. By the way, Il Divo is responsible for introducing many to the wonders of classical music. Don’t trip over your big-head feet, friend!

    • Jerry Louis says:

      Bob… are a total jerk. You wouldn’t know music if it bit you in the ass!!!!

    • PhyllisAnn says:

      Well, Bob, I’m not calling you a snob, but you are a person that makes snobbish statements. May I ask you to go dunk your head in a pail of vinegar?
      BRAVO IL DIVO and everyone Bob mentioned.❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • David Lock says:

      Whether or not they were formed similar to a boy band, music has energy and evolves. There is room for anyone who has talent in the music industry, and these Gentlemen have masses of it. Just because they might not be your cup of tea, allow others to enjoy their music.

  • Monica says:

    Sadly you can’t replace Carlos Marin without him I’m afraid to say you won’t last very long although I take nothing away from you you are all good in your own way but Carlos was the best and will be missed by all . Just one more thing don’t people move on very quickly he only passed in December so for that shame on you

    • Thelma says:

      Grow up…il divo are not replacing carlos with steven labrie…the poster states he is a guest singer. They have to carry on because(a) it is what Carlos would have wanted ..he would have been first to say there were four people in the group…all talented in their own sphere and (b) there are all the other people who work with them to consider…sound lighting staging etc etc. What about their employment?

      • CRogers says:

        Thelma you are right. They have professional commitments that involve a lot of other people. I’m sure many of the people working with Ill Divo (as well as the singers) will be in various sorts of grief. I doubt whether his untimely death with be ignored, considering the very positive force Carlos is reported as being.

      • Dot says:

        She’s right but what can they do? Carlos was fantastic and if we miss him think of the grieving they are going through all the while having to perform! It’s not exactly an easy time for them. Say a prayer instead of saying nasty things.

      • Sharon Walker says:

        Totally agree e is a special guest not replacing Carlos nobody could do that

      • Karen says:

        You are the voice of reason to these cruel and insensitive comments

    • Helen Mulligan says:

      The show must go on it is the boys livelihood.. Carlos would want his “brothers” to continue and as they need a baritone who better than Stevan and I will continue to be a fan ..

    • LoTW says:


    • Geraldine Greenwood says:

      Would they shut your place of work down forever if you passed away I don’t think so.
      Don’t so stupid or narrow minded there are alot of people employed behind these guys and they need to carry on with their lives.
      Absolutely Carlos was the key member of the group.
      But I’m sure they are doing the best by everyone.

    • Sonja says:

      I agree Carlos was the most talented and I feel quite sad that they have replaced him so quickly . They would have been admired and viewed the same and could have completed the tour in his memory . Won’t be the same without him RIP Carlos

    • Deb says:

      They probably have a contract or several dates to sing already scheduled. Nothing against Carlos at all.

    • Diane says:

      The best singer is David by far, but Carlos was good , I agree. Urs has the sweetest voice

      • Julia says:

        David is screechy sometimes, although does sound nice other times. Carlos’s voice was rich, powerful, consistent and controlled! Such a lovely tone – it always stood out! Sorry no comparison in my view.

      • Joy says:

        I agree with you, Diane. David is the most gifted. His range is incredible. He sings high, low and inbetween. Many times one never notices him inobtrusively adding to another’s solo….Carlos had a fabulous, and also gifted voice and a gift of charm that the others lacked. No one can deny Carlos the mega-watt smile and gift to perform.

  • Annette says:

    I agree Monica. The tour should have been either cancelled or put back. Apart from anything else I don’t think much respect is being shown to the loss of Carlos by carrying on with the tour. Rest in peace Carlos.

    • S. K. says:

      Carlos is gone now and it is time for them so get on with life and with Steven. So let it go. It is their choice not yours. Let Carlos Rest In Peace. Pain will stay with them no matter what, but we need to welcome Steven no Mayer what you think.

  • Denise says:

    Absolutely disgusted…. I have always loved IL Divo.I was shocked to hear they were pressing on with your,but I agree ,I’m afraid their days are numbered as a group, Carlos was the one everyone wanted to see and hear.. Although I have to say Carlos had really aged of late,the voice still there even at last gigs.And also didn’t look well.

  • Laura Monica says:

    Goes to show their is little loyalty in a money making business. Didn’t they move fast. Goes to show the old heartless business that no one is irreplaceable no matter what.! No disrespect to the new member but Carlos is definitely replaceable. He was the backbone of the group it will never be the same. The Only charisma in the group
    Also some respect please Carlos was a catholic from Spain at least wait for 6 months allowing people to grieve they are very quick to forget this fabulous man

    • VERA says:

      No one is forgetting Carlos…RIP

    • Kate says:

      Carlos RIP will never be forgotten,and would want Urs, David and Sebastian to carry on. In these days it’s unbelievable for 17 years Il Divo were friends, partners, and supported each other. This doesn’t happen very often ❤️

  • Joyce says:

    He was the one to draw the crowd the best his smile his voice his laughter

  • Heather says:

    These singers are professionals and there are a lot of people who paid good money for tickets and Il Divo will not want to let these fans down. Plus, as has been mentioned, there are many workers involved with a tour who have bills to pay, as have the members of the group. However long they hold off performing, it won’t bring Carlos back; they are not disrespecting him, they are merely getting on with life as ordinary people do every day after losing a loved one. I think the tribute will be special.

    • HAH says:

      You are very sensible and correct. People have to return to work and life regardless of loosing a loved one. That is life’s progression. Carlos was an attraction but they were all equally essential to the group in different ways. It does not matter how the group was formed and by who. They sustained the test of time–18 years. Let them sing and honor Carlos by bringing us the joy of their music. I must say the vitriol of some these posts is utterly surprising.

      RIP beloved Carlos. Sing on, IL Divo!

  • Susan Woodhouse says:

    I am sorry all you unkind people. You forget they are businessmen, with staff reliant on them for a living. Their voices are their skill. They have already been out of the loop for a long time due to Covid lockdown. They are not a ‘one hit wonder’ group, having been together almost 20 years. By being strong and thinking of their audiences and supporters they show utmost respect for who Carlos was!

  • Kaz says:

    I’m absolutely disgusted and disappointed in this news . It’s all about the money I won’t be going again if this is the case. Carlos was the heart and soul of Il Divo ❤ the smile the cheese but such a amazing voice and big heart. I saw them in Bath just before he died. So glad I did as I won’t go again. So dissatisfied and disappointed but that’s show business. Just to soon

    • Mrs Sharon M Chamberlain says:

      No its not to soon. Life has to go on for these guys even after his death.

    • S. K. says:

      Might be good if you don’t go if you feel that way. David and Urs have beautiful Smiles and voices and SEB. So does Steven so get use to it or just do not listen.

  • Dave J says:

    No one could replace him and shouldn’t be out of respect

  • Janice Ritchie says:

    I agree with Joyce’s comments, he had the biggest personality out of the the 4 of them, but he wasn,t the only one that people wanted to see. Personally I like Sebastian best. I,m not denying that Carlos was hugely talented and will be a great miss, but the boys are paying tribute to him with a GUEST baritone and this will give the the fans a chance to pay their respects to Carlos which is very fitting, rather than cancel shows which would dissapoint everyone and I,m sure Carlos would have agreed. R.I.P. dear Carlos.

  • Margo Dawson says:

    It’s very sad to hear Carlos is gone he was the pillar of the group not that they were not good but Carlos voice came always out on top they have to practice very hard with Labrie I don’t know him or heard him sing so I hope he does Carlos proud and the II Divo they have been together 17years it be sad that they would have to break up because of Labrie I’m sure II Divo know him or they wouldn’t take hom in their group hope he is as funny and pleasant to his audience as Carlos was I just want to send my condolences to the group and to Carlos family I will keep listening to all their music I’m not a young girl anymore I have been listening from the beginning to II Divo I’m 71 so I know their music and love all of it will pray for the group and family

  • Joy says:

    He is not replacing Carlos but is a guest appearing with them !!! People are so quick to judge when they do not know the true facts !!! Joy

  • Takeiteasytoe says:

    Bob needs a hug. His life is so empty its shameful

  • Best of Luck with the new tour

  • Robyn Hughes says:

    I think the Boys have done what Carlos would have wanted his BROTHERS IN ARMS to do. I’m sure they have had a good talk to Carlos’s family before they went ahead with things.
    God bless you all and Carlos is looking down on them in every Concert and singing along with them all.
    Love you boys and PLEASE PLEASE try and come to Brisbane Australia.

    • Carolina says:

      I know for a fact that Il Divo did NOT discuss anything with Carlos’ family. It came as a great shock to the family that Il Divo had found a replacement for Carlos so quickly, and the group did not discuss how they would pay tribute to him. They didn’t even go to the mortuary to pay their respects. Highly disrespectful, in my opinion.



    • Ruth Cherrick says:

      Carlos’ mother & his niece have posted very unfavorable comments about the remaining members of IL DIVO. They did not attend any of the funeral services, never sent condolences to the family. The family is very upset so I’m sure the members did not discuss anything about this tour with Carlos’ family. Prayers to his family.

  • Linda says:

    Carlos will be missed, but he would want il dio to carry on. They have had guest singers before so why not now, carlos was charismatic but I think David is the charming one

  • Graydon blower says:

    What hits??????

  • Irene laughlan says:

    Carlos had a way with the ladies. He had a lovely smile and a voice that would make you melt. There will never be another voice like Carlos had. I just wished the other boys would have waited a little longer before they continued with the tour. It will be strange listening to IL DIVO now but I do wish the boys all the luck in the world. XXX

    • Susan Smith says:

      I agree 100% with you. I too wish they had waited.. I don’t know about you but so far there has not been one day go by that I have not mourned for him. He was just such a special man… Beautiful in every way. I truly don’t believe they could find anybody with his charisma. When he sang, you felt as if he was singing just to you. The only other entertainer I ever felt this way about was Elvis Presley. I had the pleasure of seeing him twice in person and he, too made you feel as if he was singing just to you. RIP Beautiful Carlos.

    • Laura Monica says:

      Out of respect they at least should have waited until Carlos months mind mass it is not till the 19th January
      It’s disrespectful and selfish from the other members and management
      Il divo is finished now
      It cannot ever be the same without Carlos

  • Yes, it is a shame about Carlos, and he will be sorely missed. However Carlos was not Il Divo, there were 4 members in the group each one as talented in their own way. People are saying that Carlos is being replaced and disrespected, neither of these statements are correct. A GUEST baritone is going to join the boys on the tour, and the tour is being dedicated to Carlos and they’ve even changed the title of the tour. It must have been a total shock to them when Carlos passed, do why don’t the MOANERS let them grieve for him in private, and let them carry on with what they do so well instead of slating them.

    An irate fan………..

  • Bellinda Robinson says:

    Hello everyone, I agree the show must go on, and that is what Carlos would want. But the band members need to greve their loss of Carlos

  • Tony Randazzp says:

    At first I thought a replacement was too soon but a scheduled tour had to be considered. They are going to honor Carlos I’m sure in a respectful way. The fact they are renaming the show Greatest Hits is their way of remembering and respecting him for eighteen years of his beautiful voice being heard around the world. The foursome were special and I doubt Carlos can ever be replaced. Their blend of voices made their sound really entertaining. Rest in Peace, Carlos, your voice will always be remembered. The four of you made il Divo a group to be heard.

  • Lisa Chapman says:

    IL divo are fantastic,I didn’t get the chance to see them live but I do have their dvds and cds,I think the Carlos would want them to carry on to me they still are the best and always will be R.I.P Carlos you will never be forgotten ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Mel says:

    It’s so sad about carlos his amazing voice and sexy charisma will never be replaced we will miss you .it will be so hard for the boys to tour now their all amazing . All the best to them . RIP carlos ❤❤❤

  • Carol Tanet says:

    I feel that they replaced Carlos too quickly. Not very respectful to his memory.

    • Julia says:

      Il divo had already had to cancel concerts due to Covid and people had to wait a year already, what else could they do? Be reasonable!

  • Kerry Martinelli says:

    Have heard Steven Labrie solo.
    Although he is a brilliant baritone, I don’t see him blending his overpowering voice with the Il Divo group, as Carlos was able to do.

    • Denise jackson says:

      I have been watching videos online and his voice is too strong for the group, his jackets appear too tight fitting and he looks uncomfortable. He comes across as if singing opera which he is trained for. The 3 should have waited and found someone who fit in a bit better. Carlos was so handsome and that voice that went from strong to romantic. I thought he did not look well in the videos from Dec 21. He looked swollen in the face as though he was on medicine. He was one of a kind and although each of the 4 has their own fans, I do believe Carlos was the center pin so to speak and the reason Simon Cowell put the group together to begin with. I can’t see $1000 seats selling without Carlos there! The man was so charismatic and fun and beautiful.

      • Messenger Charles says:

        The point they’re ALL missing here is this: Carlos was heterosexual, and a big hit with the women – a huge sexual/flirtatious attraction, so with this nancy boy in the band, where’s the ‘Tom Jones’ testosterone dimension to Il Divo? It ain’t there anymore – it’s gone! IMO the new boy had better only be a guest singer, if the others want continued success.

      • Cheryl says:

        So true his magnetism was so strong, he sang from deep within the heart as if he meant every word, & note from the core of his body. Such a dynamic voice!

  • Sofia Smart says:

    They are all fantastic seen them in concert in Cardiff,their music and voices gave me goosebumps.Xx

  • Sylvia says:

    The members of Il Divo are more than ‘just good singers’. I saw them live twice and had goosebumps listening to them each time. What incredible voices. The boys worked well together and you could see their bond and feel their magic. I do feel Carlos is irreplaceable though and whilst Stevan has a lovely voice, unfortunately he is not a patch on Carlos. However I wish the group nothing but the best and know they must struggle on stage without Carlos. I can only imagine how difficult performing must be without the wonderful Carlos beside them. People shouldn’t judge others…that’s God’s job.

  • Julia says:

    I will always miss Carlos, such an amazing talent. Adored him and his beautiful voice. IL Divo did the only thing they could in the circumstances. Steven also has a lovely voice and sounds similar to Carlos. I hope he stays. PS I don’t believe the rubbish about his family criticising Il Divo

    • Denise jackson says:

      I read that the group went to the private viewing with the family and close friends. They would not have gone to the public attendances for obvious reasons.

      • Maryann Buttaro says:

        Yes Denise, I also read that the group went to a private viewing. Some people should stop picking the remaining group apart. I am sure Carlos would not agree to the criticism that goes on. RIP Carlos, you were a one of a kind , and we were lucky to have had you as long as we did. Thank you.

  • Cheryl says:

    We will always remember with love the magnificent voice of the sweetest man ever…learning that Carlos was terribly I’ll was concerning but knowing he wasn’t going to make it was crushing. What a dynamic singer. His dynamic booming baritone voice was exquisite! We will miss your sweet soul, rest well till we meet again.

  • dona says:

    This was without a doubt the most amazing concert I have ever been to. It won’t been the same without Carlo but i think he would want his music to go on. I hope they come back to Jacksonville Fl