Breaking: Valery Gergiev faces orchestra Covid rebellion

Breaking: Valery Gergiev faces orchestra Covid rebellion


norman lebrecht

January 31, 2022

Nevsky News reports that musicians at the Mariinsky Theatre are in uproar over an explosion of Covid infections, which they blame directly on their music director.

The first cases were recorded after a performance in Moscow’s Zaryadye Park, then spiralled to dozens of cases. One musicians said:  ‘More than 30 people are positive after today’s test. Not all tests have come yet, and not everyone has done it … ‘

Another sad: ‘Gergiev always does what he wants. He is the king, and we are his serf musicians. He has a complete sense of impunity. He is a manager, he makes money. Only sometimes – creativity.’

Gergiev is presently conducting in Vienna.

He is due to give a concert with the Mariinsky in Madrid on Friday. Many of the players are still suffering from Covid.

Catch it while you can.

Photo (c) Laura Luostarinen


UPDATE: “Cases of illness at the Mariinsky Theatre, both in the creative team and in other workshops, do not have a significant impact on the current work of the theater and the tour schedule, ” the press service of the Mariinsky Theater reported.“In addition to these measures, the Mariinsky Theater carefully monitors compliance with all necessary security measures: including temperature measurements at the service and spectator entrances, wearing medical masks inside the theater is mandatory, and surfaces and all the premises of the theater are regularly disinfected.”


  • Frank says:

    NL, your off the cuff comment “Catch it while you can” is surely not very well advised or in the best taste, given that many are still catching Covid – whether they are Gergiev’s serfs or not.

  • Gustavo says:

    Dimitri Shostacovid

  • Chicagorat says:

    Friend of Muti, and not by chance. The two buddies share more than just COVID negationism.

    And, both of them have a small “baton”, as shown.

  • John Kelly says:

    How is the orchestra getting in to Spain in this “condition?”

  • Alicia Z says:

    Gergiev should stay closer to home. Putin will need his band leader to conduct his celebratory F(ree)U(kraine) Invasion concert.

    • Concertgebouw79 says:

      You can go and enjoy a Gergiev-Marinskii concert like I do frequently (I have ticket for the April Europe tour) and don’t be fan of Putin. Because this orchestra is marvelous especially when it playes Prokofiev. Gergiev did some great things during the 30 last years. The new concert hall is very instersiting. He helped great artists not only from Russia. I think about Kantorow or Yeol Eum Son, some pianists the great western orchestras don’t pay enough attention so far. A shame. And because the russian cluture isgreat. Going to see Mariniskii is not a political rally.

      • Don Ciccio says:

        The orchestra is not really marvelous, is in fact not even the best in St. Petersburg. In fact I think of it as today’s equivalent of Ansermet and Swiss Romande orchestra: a charismatic conductor, actually a great one in the case of Ansermet, with a less than stellar band.

        • Concertgebouw79 says:

          See a Prokofiev concert of the Marinskii with Gergiev or a guest conductor and after confirm me if you think the same thing. And of course there’s another orchestra in town I never forget it

          • Don Ciccio says:

            I don’t disagree that they have a feeling for the local composers. But anything else has been disastrous, listen to the Frau Ohne Schatten – if you can. I once herd them is Rossini and was equally pathetic. I can continue but get the point).

            (And of course should be Suisse Romande in my initial post).

      • Nicholas says:

        Bravo Concertgebough79! Russia is a civilization with great culture despite its tormented political history.

      • Gorgr says:

        Where is He playing in April?

  • Manny_Balestrero says:

    Why are they blaming Gergiev? Did he test positive then infected others? They should blame the mRNA injections posing as “vaccines” that are destroying the immune system, causing blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, multiple organ failures & sudden deaths.

  • Karl says:

    Are all the musicians getting horse dewormer to treat the disease?

  • Nicholas Ennos says:

    The orchestra are dying like flies