Berlin Philharmonic appoints 3rd horn

Berlin Philharmonic appoints 3rd horn


norman lebrecht

January 21, 2022

László Gál from Hungary won the audition today.

He has been a member of the orchestra academy.


  • Harry Dahlsjo says:

    Wasn’t Johannes Lamotke was appointed 3rd horn in 2019?

    • Axl says:

      Yes and recently he succesfully passed he’s probation period just before Christmas

    • Shalom Rackovsky says:

      At full strength, the Berlin Philharmonic section has 4 high and 4 low horns. With the recent appointment of Paula Ernesaks to the low horn position graced for 34 years by Fergus McWilliam, the section was short 2 high horns- one to fill the slot which Stefan de Leval Jezierski so recently retired from [after an incredible 43 years at the head of the profession], and the other a second principal, not yet filled. This section is arguably the very best in the world, and they do NOT rush into making appointments.

  • Fact Checker says:

    Go to the website on Karajan academy and scrolling student’s and gratuates and noticing that there isn’t listed László Gál.
    But checking his FB – he was part of orchestra adademy by Staatskapelle Berlin couple years ago.
    And he was quite recently also appointed principal in Komische Oper Berlin (I was read hungarian language article with translator + check Komische Oper’s orchestra roster) and he’s father with same name plays in Hungarian National Philharmonic.

  • dalet says:

    The Berliners generally prefer their brass from Central Europe.

    • Axl says:

      True but at same time not true! They pick always a person whose sound, tone and timbre fits to the sections sound + are you good colleague with them and you want play/give 150 % yourself in reherseals and concerts. Recently retired Stefan J. comes from Boston, David Cooper was from Michigan and between early 80’s to 2002 they have an American 2nd trumpet player (Bob Platt)

  • MacroV says:

    Who is he replacing? Hard to keep track these days.

    • Axl says:

      It isn’t hard at all if you check things once or twice in the week or at least once in month! It’s recently retired Stefan de Leval Jezierski’s post

  • Gustavo says:

    It’s been “bells up” ever since John Williams was there in October 2021.

  • Guest says:

    He was NOT member of the academy.

  • Corno di Caccia says:

    A worthy appointment, I’m sure, into one of the best horn sections on the planet – if not the best. With Stefan Dohr as principal and Sarah Willis as a trusty fourth horn I bet it’s a joy to play alongside such players. I hope he does well.

  • IP says:

    What do you mean, audition? Like, they have to PLAY? Maybe even behind a SCREEN? This has to be cancelled, once and forever!

  • BigSir says:

    And after the large number of guest principal trumpet players seen over the last year, no additions or changes in the section.

    • Axl says:

      Yep, that’s true but because it’s Tarkövi’s former seat – they want sure take time that a worthy successor will be found. And because common dual-principal system there’s Guillaume Jehl who plays when other /”future principal X” isn’t playing.
      And the second trumpet Andre Schoch has also played quite often first trumpet when Mr. Jehl has free time/other jobs
      And becuase Jehl was promoted and tenured from 2nd to principal, they are now also looking new 2nd trumpet player. Hopefully both posts are soon filled.