US music director steps down after 30 years

US music director steps down after 30 years


norman lebrecht

December 19, 2021

Steven Larsen has conducted his last concert with the Rockford Symphony Orchestra, which he raised over three decades to the third largest in Illinois.

The orchestra is spending its current season auditioning possible successors.



  • Barry Guerrero says:

    (James Garner): Hmmmmm, . . . the Rockford files, please.

  • drummerman says:

    Just curious…..”largest” how? In budget size, number of orchestras, what?

  • Jeffrey Biegel says:

    Although I find this somewhat chapter ending, in a selfish way, because we have done so many pieces together, from Liszt, to Emerson, Anderson, Runestad, Gershwin and more, he has enjoyed a very beautiful journey on the yellow brick road with this terrific orchestra. Steve will always be a very special friend, and I wish him all good things in his future. Ok, so how did we meet? Back in 1990, I looked up the Rockford Symphony in Musical America and called the area code plus 555-1212 for his home phone number! He answered, and the rest is history. Humble, warm, and open to doing new and unique things. His name will always be synonymous with the Rockford Symphony Orchestra.

  • Congratulations, Steve. The honor and the joy has been ours…